Blogging tips and tricks for beginners to be superstar

If you are a new blogger or going to start your blogging business then you must follow fool proof blogging tips and tricks for beginners for the killer startup and bring out your self from the crowd of beginners to the super star bloggers.

Blogging is the business which needs the smart working rather than hard work and if you can spend only 3 hours in a day regularly then you are going to rock, you just need to follow effective guidance and making proper strategy of it just like you make for your offline business.

Beginners can make their blogging business plan like this and there are some factors to consider at the time of starting blog and growing the blogging business to make it the million dollar venture.


Blogging tips and tricks for beginners to follow

Blogging tips and tricks for beginners

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1 – Your niche selection must be practical 

A – For the selection of niche beginners must be practical and you should choose the niche on which you can write at least 1 article per week, because your blog needed to be updated fresh content minimum 1 time in a week, if you can do it daily then it is awesome.

B – Therefore at the time of selection of your blog’s niche beginners must consider the niche in your mind about which you have wide knowledge or there is something new every week about which you can write on your blog.

C – If you have seen any blogger is earning million dollars from his blog and you started following his footprints and applying same tips or tricks then you are going to killing your originality and readers will not recognize you as a leading blogger.


2 – Domain name selection Factors

A – Beginners must choose a meaning full domain name to strike mind of the readers.

B – Small domain names always create mouth publicity so it should not exceed 3 words in it.

C – Domain must be related to your niche so visitors can remember it easily.

D – If there is any niche related word in it, then you are going to perform better in seo.

E – Avoid use of exact match domain names related to targeted keywords to avoid penalty.


3 – Things to consider at the time of making blogging websites

In these blogging tips for beginners there is strong focus on websites because finally website is the place where your normal visitor will turn into the customer so you should take care about his experience on your site.

A – Make websites on self hosted platform like WordPress. org to not to be depend on any one and you can start a blog on WordPress easily in 15 minutes.

B – Your themes or design must have clear navigation so visitor can go anywhere easily.

C – Mobile responsive websites runs on every platform for getting traffic from every device.

D – Error free coding of websites always performs better in search engines so you can go for premium themes.

E – Faster is always better because your visitors should not be irritated by high loading time.


4 – Content writing Strategies to apply

According to blogging tricks for beginners recommended by me and many top bloggers in the world content is the key factor of a blog which is going to improve overall performance of websites like time spend on the blog, increasing page views and reducing bounce rate, insist peoples for share blog posts on social media platform, getting returning visitors and finally most important thing is converting your visitor into the customer. So you must make an effective content writing strategy like this post by considering some key factors in your brain.

A – Write minimum 1 new blog post every week.

B – Be original and write in general talking language like you speak daily.

C – Case studies and real things description in content is no doubt make an impact for long run because blog posts with valuable content are always mentioned and discussed by fellow bloggers.

D – Your written content must be seo friendly also by applying proper on page tricks or tips for getting ranked easily in search engines.

E – Visual content performs 10 times better than text content so give equal value to both and add eye catching images and videos also with text in content.

D – Your content must have proper hierarchy from starting to end and finally call to action in it so you can convert your visitor into the client so always apply some copy writing tips and tricks.

E – Using info graphs in the content always give the reason to fellow bloggers to add your blog post link to give credit and you get all benefits of viral promotion.


5 – How to get traffic of targeted visitors from different sources ?

If beginners want to become an always sustainable blogger  and want to do blogging business for long time then you must diversify your traffic generation strategy and not to depend only 1 source because it is highly risky and your blog can be killed if you depend only on search engines for survival of your blog traffic.

So all beginners must follow my blogging tips and tricks to get traffic of targeted visitors forever. Read below tricks and tips..

A – Search engines must be first focus for the bloggers for getting targeted visitors because you get the person on your blog who is searching the exact information about the products, services or tutorials about anything so getting good search engine traffic you must apply proven seo tips and tricks for ranking at top position.

B – For the social media promotion you must focus on at least top 10 social media website like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Reddit, Delicious, etc.

C – Collect email subscribers using feed burner in starting and after having some hundreds, you can go with the Aweber kind of paid email subscribe service provider so you can interact with your permanent readers using email broadcasting.

D – Niche related blogging communities, forums, and question answer sites are always a good traffic generation platform by discussing with the users related to niche and helping them to solve issues using your skills, in this way you will get permanent visitors.

E –  Guest blogging and blog commenting are the most effective techniques for stealing the visitors of our niche related blogs and these are proven most effective methods of traffic generation therefore we added them in my blogging tips and tricks for beginners.

F –  Videos creating and promotions are always create a viral buzz and creating cause for likes, shares and subscribes the videos channels on top videos portals like YouTube, Vimeo and daily motion etc.


6 – How to Monetize your blog with Million Dollars ?

Hey friends very frankly i will tell you that making million dollars from 1st month by blogging is not possible, but if you work consistently for long time and getting good traffic on your blog then is it really possible for you to earn million dollars from your blog every year.

There are so many proven and effective ways to make money from website or blog by following many my kind of bloggers are making good income regularly.

A – Pay per click Programs – Adsense is most popular and info links kind of ad networks are working well.

B – Affiliate Programs – It gives 5 – 10 times return as compare to pay per click program, you must have good number of email subscribers for getting success in affiliate marketing.

C – Fix Monthly Ads – Buy Sell Ads is the leader marketplace which you can join for getting advertisement on monthly basis.

D – Sponsored posts – Advertiser will pay you to write about them and mentioning their website link in the blog posts.

E – Own Product Promotion – If you have any own product or service which you want to promote from your blog then it is really impressive way and you can make readers aware about your products by writing blog posts on it.


Other Blogging tips and tricks for Beginners


The above described blogging tips and tricks are part of business plan must apart from these there are some more things which you must keep in your mind to stand out from crowd.

1 – Innovations always make you better than others so try for new things without any fear.

2 – Share your own real experience with your readers because more realistic = more attractions.

3 – Be in yourself and don’t try to copy anything from any one because you need to make your own identity.

4 – Patience is the most important key factor for your blogging business because it takes time to be an authority blogger and collect decent number of email subscriber or having regular visitor.

5 – Be updated by the current trend of internet marketing because your competitors are adopting new strategies to beat you so always keep your eyes on their blogs activities.

6 – Do not forget to use of latest tools of internet marketing, link building, seo, content writing to make your blog better than others by using recommended tips and tricks.


All the here shared blogging tips and tricks for beginners are based on my own practical experience and after doing research of so many years i have discovered these tricks or tips to help blogging beginners. If you like them don’t forget to share or subscribe.

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