Open link profiler to create quality dofollow backlinks

All website owners want to create quality dofollow backlinks for free and open link profiler is among from the best free tools available for them to steal competitors quality links. There is always a question in mind of bloggers where to do submission of content to get free inbound links and for doing this most of them decided to use paid link building software to audit links of the competitors.

In my last post i discussed about drop my link which is very strong finder for searching dofollow websites to create quality backlink and here this tool is helpful for bloggers to audit competitors back links in details by using filters according to need of the website owners and their choice to search type of link sources.

In this post i am going to discuss about to use free tool which will help them to know about detailed structure of back links profile of top competitors websites which are ranking at higher position on same keywords for which we are chasing our sites to get higher or sometimes 1st position in the search engines.

How to use open link profiler for auditing ?

The big thing which i really like in this free tool is that it shows link influence score which shows that how much the sites are important to get backlink from them. Higher the link influence score means the more useful is the site and more return in terms of ranking by doing same efforts.

Let’s start with trial backlinks auditing of Labnol.orgĀ which is among top blogs in our knowledge.

open link profiler

Here the above image shows that total 99,366 links are pointing to the site and its own influence score is 99 % which is really awesome.

We can find the websites list with .Edu domain extension from where is getting inbound links and we can also try to submit content their with our site URL. See the image below to perform your desired action with choice of domain action in open link profiler.

create quality dofollow backlinks

After filling the necessary requirements including nofollow or dofollow type in the form just enter filter backlinks button in open link profiler then you will find all sources URLs from where you can try to submit content with website URL also.

This is the perfect picture of the information which you want to know about competitors website and the big thing is we can perform this auditing task for free using this open link profiler tool. If you want to get more knowledge about it you can discuss in comments with us.

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  1. that open link profiler tool is really fine. but i have a problem on it. its not taking more than one link. but i want to insert more links. please suggest.


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