Best Plugins To Turn Your WordPress Site Into a Mobile App

If you’ve been a WordPress user for a while and you are adamant about succeeding as a website owner and developer, you have probably already invested a lot of your time and maybe even money for your website to grow. You may have hired a web designer to launch your website on one of the best web hosting services. On the same note, you are probably always looking for more and more ways to optimize your website and increase conversions. Nothing helps the conversion of your website quite like a secure mobile app. However, turning your mobile app can be both complicated and expensive, depending on the route of action you decide to take.

Luckily, WordPress has a variety of handy plugins that can convert your website into a mobile app in no time.

If, for example, you opt for employing the services of an agency, you will probably get your app a bit quicker and with a little less hassle, but the costs will skyrocket. If you decide to go for a freelance external developer, the effect will be pretty much the same. Needless to say, most websites that are yet to invest in a mobile app don’t have the business volume that will allow them to invest in a costly mobile app developed by app design companies. Furthermore, some of you might think that as experienced WordPress users, you may be able to develop a mobile app on your own. However, building a mobile app from the ground up requires specific coding skills, and if you don’t already have them, be prepared to say goodbye to a considerable amount of cash and time in order to learn. It boils down to the fact that the most cost-effective option is most definitely a WordPress plugin.

In this article, we will talk about solely the best WordPress plugins that will help you turn your website into a high-quality, easy to navigate mobile app.


AppPresser is currently by far the most popular, efficient tool to convert your website into a mobile app. One of the main reasons for the overwhelming popularity of this premium WordPress plugin is its flexibility when it comes to customization. It basically provides custom solutions according to your very needs. It can be used by virtually everyone, but it is mainly built for developers, as it may need intensive customizing if your website needs to be fully modified from the basics.

AppPresser lets you combine a variety of WordPress components together to create your own personalized app. For example, you can combine your WP posts with a login or registration component to create a members-only competent on your app. You can also use BuddyPress together with LearnDash and make an online learning app that will enable students to chat with each other and send messages. With AppPresser, you can build a quality app from any WordPress website regardless of its main use and action. You can build WooCommerce apps, Nonprofit apps, Membership apps, and much more. You can also build an app for any type of organization or institution, like church, school, event, store, or any kind of WordPress based small business.

Some of the remarkable features of AppPresser include:
  • Provides push notifications
  • Customizes almost all types of WordPress content
  • Makes other WordPress extensions and plugins compatible
  • Provide extensive navigation designs


MobiLoud is well-known among WordPress users as a free mobile app builder. However, in reality, it is a very cost-effective mobile app service that will turn your WordPress website into a productive mobile app for iOS or Android. MobiLoud basically integrates with WordPress through a WordPress plugin and updates your app with any changes you might be making on your website. One of the great things about MobiLoud is that you can test the service before making a purchase, and you can also check the apps for another website to make sure that MobiLoud is the right fit for you.

MobiLoud has an efficient and compact team that works on building an app to reflect your website and requirements perfectly. They actually offer services:

  • The service that converts blogs and new websites
  • The service that makes high traffic switch over
Some of the most notable MobiLoud features include:
  • Full customization (brand, logo, colors, article screen design, custom list design, custom tabs, etc.)
  • Push notifications
  • Highly efficient app updates and full maintenance
  • Terrific offline support (content is cached for offline use and quick access even with a poor internet connection)


Blappsta is a very popular, free to use, a comprehensive plugin that supports Android, iOS, and Windows platform. This plugin will also allow you to see a preview, and in the preview, you can see how your site will look once it’s ion the freeway. Blappsta is often described as a “Software AS A Service” model, due to the fact that it is very affordable and time-saving for all target groups, from small bloggers to large companies. Options for growth and earnings with and within the app are numerous, including discreet advertising.

Some of the prominent features are:
  • Google deep link indexing
  • Branding (you can set up your favorite design, choose icon, logo, colors, as well as content-related design)
  • Push notifications
  • Social sharing (it allows you to connect yourself and your users to the mobile world of social networking)
  • The highly flexible placing of contents.

These apps are wholesome, cost-effective, and efficient, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. However, if you are more picky, short on time, or simply prefer Android like myself, these next two apps might be the right solution for you. They are somewhat different than the three “all-inclusive” titans we already mentioned, but they deserve a spotlight nonetheless.


WappPress is terrific if you are on a deadline or in any kind of hurry to convert your website into a handy and functional Android app. This particular plugin is ideal for bloggers, as well as small non-profit organizations. It will allow your website to get into the Playstore with a few simple steps swiftly.

Some of the notable features of WappPress include:
  • Admob (it helps you monetize your app and earn money from it)
  • Push notifications
  • Launcher Icon and screen (impressive and customizable)
  • Unique home page and theme (it allows you to create a different home page and choose different theme than those on your website)
  • Real-time (the app updates and syncs instantly when the data changes on the website)


Web2App will convert your website into an Android app in no time and without virtually any effort on your part. It is incredibly easy to set up, and it provides enough handy features that make it operate as a powerful mobile app.

Web2App’s most prominent features include:
  • Custom push notifications
  • Real-time (the plugin has a powerful cloud-based solution, so you can be sure that your app is updated as soon as you make changes to your website)
  • Selection and customization of the launcher icon and splash screen
  • Option to upload your own custom icon and splash screen.

Having a sturdy mobile app for your online business, regardless of the type, has become imminent and necessary if you want to be at the golden forefront of the competition. The reason for that is quite simple and obvious; mobile apps are convenient, time-efficient, and easy to use. So opt for one of the plugins we talked about here and treat your loyal users and followers with a high-quality and user-friendly app.

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