Top 5 Chatbots for WordPress in 2022

Numerous customers choose live chat to emails and social media for reaching out to businesses because it offers a more promising chance of receiving a timely reply. Customers often strive for your guidance just before making a purchasing decision or in an emergency case where they need rapid service. 

The best solution is to send a short text through the live chat window rather than penning a long formal email.

Adding chatbots to your WordPress in 2022 might be the right thing to do.

Here is a list of the top 5 Chatbots for the WordPress website. 

1. WSChat – WordPress Live Chat

WSChat – WordPress Live Chat

Unlike other Live Chat plugins, this one operates entirely within WordPress and does not require any external API calls. Allows you to stay in touch with your customers in real-time.

WSChat WordPress Live Chat Plugin is a lightweight yet powerful plugin for integrating live chat on your website to make it easier for your customers to contact you. Because all interactions are logged in the same chat thread, agents may easily reply, assist, and resume a chat conversation if a consumer requires assistance in the future. Unlike other Live Chat plugins, this one operates entirely within WordPress and does not need outside management. 

2. ChatBot


The ChatBot is a unique WordPress chat plugin that is simple to use. Without any technical skills, you may utilize WPBot as a plug-and-play ChatBot.

It can easily interact with website visitors, show text replies created in the WordPress admin panel, offer a brief set of FAQs, permit users to contact you for help or leave their phone numbers. You can also use Google’s Dialogflow to connect this ChatBot for WordPress and give it AI and language processing capabilities while disabling the built-in functionalities. When you link your Dialogflow V2 agent with WPBot, it immediately accepts Dialogflow intentions and text replies. 

3. Cliengo – Chatbot

Cliengo – Chatbot

Cliengo’s chatbot and WhatsApp help your company’s business staff by gathering each website visitor’s contact information: identity, contact information, email address, and inquiry. As a result, you’ll be able to respond to all potential clients who visit your website right away, automating the discussion or intervening with the best leads.

Cliengo assists you in achieving better sales chances and provides visitors with a positive first impression. Additionally, it enables you to receive a trusted source for further commercial actions.

Cliengo adjusts to your business’s operations and interfaces with 80% of CRMs on the marketplace, allowing you to consolidate all of your leads’ information in one location.

4. WP-Chatbot for Messenger

WP-Chatbot for Messenger

WP-Chatbot integrates an OmniChatTM chat widget into your WordPress website. OmniChat is a patent-pending technology from MobileMonkey that allows you to create a single chatbot that works across different messaging services. The OmniChat plugin is the quickest and easiest way to integrate live chat to your WordPress website, generate more leads, and keep your users engaged even after they leave.

WP-Chatbot is by far the most used and practical chatbot in the WordPress system, equipping live chat and online chat elements to many websites. Instead of having to create individual chatbots for Facebook Messenger or webchat, a WordPress websites owner can create a single bot conversation that works across many of the chat apps that clients are also using.

5. Chatbot for Website

Chatbot for Website

Use a Chatbot for Website widget to communicate with your website visitors for free. This chatbot WordPress plugin is the simplest method to add a chat widget to your site.

With real-time client communication and little action on your part, your conversions will rise. An interactive chatbot is the best way to interact with visitors and collect their contact information. Depending on how the user interacts with the bot, the conversation flow can be changed. It provides you with the information you need to run email campaigns and marketing initiatives.


Having a chatbot on your WordPress website gives you access to a large and valuable marketing platform. You may start creating a list of contacts and easily and effectively connect with consumers. The majority of the chatbot plugins are made to look and perform precisely the way you want them to. In 2022, optimize your WordPress website and add a chatbot to it.

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