15 Online Jobs Work from Home Business Ideas in India

You don’t have to go out to make a living. You can earn all the money you want right from the comfort of your home by following best online Jobs Work from Home Business Ideas in India. Today internet has made easy for you to find jobs that can be done online and you make pretty decent money.

Not just online jobs you can also start home based businesses that have better chances of succeeding. This post will give you a list of online as well as home based jobs that you can start with minimum investment.

There should be good motivation in your mind to start an online business and can boost level of inspiration by reading one line thoughts on success written by famous bloggers and entrepreneurs.

There are 15 in the list that includes both online as well home based jobs. You can watch video of small business ideas in India.

Online Jobs Work from Home Business Ideas in India

Online Jobs Work from Home Business Ideas in India


  1. Online Data Entry Jobs

This is one of the most popular online jobs on the internet. You can find many data entry companies but only few are genuine.

You visit or at least talk to them before you sign up. You need to complete projects and submit them via email.

You must have an accuracy of 99.9% and typing speed of 40 words per minute. Be careful with data entry jobs.

  1. Blogging with Google Adsense

Google Adsense is nothing new and everyone knows about it. You can become a blogger and make money through one of the largest ad platforms called Google Adsense.

Millions of bloggers are making money with it. So you don’t have to worry about the money. However you do have to worry about blogging skills.

Money is great only when your blog is popular and people love reading it.

  1. Home Tuition and Coaching

This is one of the most popular ways to make money right from home.

You don’t have to know every other subject just Maths and English are enough.

You can start tuition classes in your home by arranging students into batches. You can take up to 3 to 4 batches every day.

Later on you can start a coaching centre in a large hall.

  1. Freelancing Jobs

Freelancing jobs are one of the greatest gifts of internet. You can find all kinds of jobs like writing, designing, coding, publishing etc.

The best one is freelancing writing. You can be a copywriter, ghost writer, content writer etc. There are websites like up work and fiverr offering all kinds of freelancing jobs. There are no issues when it comes to payments.

  1. Vlogging

You can be an internet celebrity if you have talent. You can create videos and upload on YouTube. If you are getting enough views then you can become a Google YouTube partner and earn some cash.

Vloggers are just like bloggers but here you create videos and you have to be very talented. Vlogging is a good option for the artists rather writers. Check online free samples in India sites.

  1. Event Manager and Coordinator

You can be an event manager or a coordinator. You have to organize events like marriages, parties, concerts etc. You can do this from your home by getting orders from your clients.

However, you do have to visit the venue where the event is going to be organized. Money is great but you have to have contacts in this business otherwise you don’t get clients.

  1. Mail Order Business

Mail order business can be started by anyone. It is another great home based job out there.

You have to distribute through pamphlets and booklets. You need a small amount of investment for publishing coloured pamphlets, postage stamps and other stationery items.

You will be stuffing pamphlets in the envelope and posting them to different addresses. If you get more clients for registration then you make more money.

  1. Food Catering, Sewing and Beauty Parlour

Food Catering, sewing and beauty parlour sounds great if you are a stay at home mom.

Housewives and homemakers can start anyone of these businesses. An initial investment of Rs 50,000/- is enough to start anyone of them.

The potential to expand the business is really great. Women can do all of these jobs while taking care of their family at the same time.

More Online Jobs Work from Home Business Ideas in India

  1. PTC (Pay to Click) and Survey Jobs

Pay to click or PTC jobs are very popular among younger generation. If you click on an ad or a link then you get paid for each click.

One click fetches you few cents. So the income would depend upon the number of clicks you complete in a day. Similarly you can take survey jobs or micro jobs where you fill up a form and get paid for each form you filled.

SureJob is one of the best place to find only trusted sites for all these online jobs.

  1. Affiliate Marketing – eBay or Flipkart Seller

Internet marketing is an extension of blogging. Here you sell products to customers online.

You make a commission on each sale that you made. Your commission for a sale could be in between 10% to 40% depending upon the vendor you are going with.

You can join eBay or Flipkart and become an online seller and make thousands of dollars every month.

You can learn also how to make money from Facebook pages from the expert blogger.

  1. Agents – Real Estate and Marriage etc

You can become a real estate or an Insurance agent. Instead of opening an office you can become a part of a much bigger real estate agency.

You make commission when you refer someone to the agency. Similarly you can fix marriages between two families and make money as an agent.

  1. Training and Consultancy

If you have experience in a given field then you can think of quitting the job and start a consultancy service.

You can consult right from the comfort of your home. However you have to have a lot of experience in the field that you are consulting.

The money is great if you find right clients.

  1. Start Mobile recharge apps –You can make some good mobile applications which offers different things and some useful stuff also and try to make them popular through social media sites and now a days there is good trend of running free mobile recharge apps for android phones which offers free mobile phone balance on using some of the services or purchasing the product also.
  1. Online Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are completing tasks like reviewing, clicking, rating, searching, commenting on the internet.

Fiverr.com is one of the major websites that gives you hundreds of micro jobs. You can make some extra cash doing some of the micro jobs online.

  1. Home Restaurant

The last one is a home based business where you can start a restaurant right in your home. You can advertise that you prepare gourmet meals which you can’t find anywhere else in the city.

People will come to your house and eat. This concept is getting popular day by day.

So these were 15 online and home based ideas to start business in India that you love so much.

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