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We are living in a country which is economically getting strong every single day but is still in the process. India people love to get free samples in India of the branded products before they actually purchase the products. This is a great method of improving your visibility and a great way of branding, so if you’re thinking about doing it yourself, there’s no better plugin to get the job done than KingSumo since it’s applicable to both small and large businesses, with incredible ease of usage to set everything up super quickly.

In this article, we’re going to share with you some of the best websites that you can visit if you want to get free samples in India of Branded products.

Moreover, in the article, thereafter the list of free samples in India you’ll also find some pro content which would help you to get these branded free samples delivered to you.

Get free samples in India

Many companies which has their businesses online are able to provide you free samples. But most of the companies provide sample products via their official websites only. For that to get free samples in India, you have to visit and browse each and every website yourself. That’s why for help, here in this article, we’ve searched and compiled a list of 15 websites where you can get free samples of multiple types of products.

List of Best Sites to Get Free Samples in India of Branded Products

So, here’s the list of Free Samples in India sites:

1 . – PromocodeClub

We have found lot of great information about free samples in India of many products therefore we are recommending that site you can visit to check exclusive offers.

2.   GrabOn

GrabOn is a popular Indian website to get coupon codes. But the link provided here is the link of GrabOn websites’ page at which you can get free samples of various products.

3.  Save My Rupee

Save My Rupee as described by its name is a website to save your hard earned money. This is a website where you can get samples of various types of products easily.

The other 13 websites listed in this article are not described in detail because all of these websites are quite similar and are difficult to be differentiated. You have to just click on the website name to go to that website and to get free samples in India. After all of these websites, we’ve listed some special content for you that could help you a lot.

3.  Free Samples India

4.  Order Free Stuff

5.  Get Free Dealz

6.  Sample and Try

7.  Promocode Club


9.  SitaPhal

10. MyTokri

11. Maal Free Ka

12. IndiaFreeStuff

13. FreeIndiaSamples

14. FreeFlys

15. Yo! Free Samples

So, this is the list that we’ve compiled for you to get free samples in India. Hope so you’ll find this list useful.

Apart from this list, we’ve some bonus for you in this article.

Get Free samples in India

Here below, we’re going to tell you that why people wants to get free samples in India of Branded products and after that we’re also going to tell you apart from these websites, how you can get various branded sample products for free. So, keep reading.

So, let’s first talk about why people want to get free samples in India. There are a number of reasons behind this. The very first reason is the economic condition of most of middle class people in India. In India, most of people are even not able to afford the basic necessities. So buying new products is still a dream for many. So if people can get even the sample products, they become so much happy. This is the primary reason why Indians want free samples of branded products.

So if you are looking for great online shopping sites deals then free products for trial purpose in the good opportunity for you.

If we come to business, then it is necessary for the shopkeeper to first himself or herself check the products which he/she is going to sell to his/her customers. So, Indian Shopkeepers usually get free sample products to try. The next reason is “Nothing is bad in Free Things.” We would say this is the thing why most of the people here in India, wants to get free samples of branded products.

So, now let’s just quickly know that how you can get sample products in India from these sites or other sites too.

free sample products in india

The very first step that you have to follow is to go to these sites. Basically, many sites out of the given list will not lead you to the Homepage, it will lead you to some of the pages of the site, where you can find some offers available at no cost. You have to click on the offer. The website may redirect you to some website of the product where you have to fill your basic details such as the address where you want to get the sample product delivered.

But there are some cases, when the links get outdated and the sample products are not able to reach you. In that case, you own knowledge of reputation of Brand will help. The concept behind is that most of the reputed brands which are already very popular will never mislead their customers. So they deliver their sample products in India with care. While on the other hand some small scale companies, may let you fill your details but sometimes not deliver you the sample products. So you have to manually check whether the company from which you are getting the sample products seems to be true or not.

The process to get free samples in India is sometime quite simple while sometimes it’s not. The only thing that could help you to get the free samples up to you delivered is your own intelligence of finding the right offers at the right time.

If you have any suggestion regarding any website listed in this article or you know about any other website, you can comment down below and let our audience know about it.

So, these are some of the best websites to get free samples in India of branded products. Some of the websites may be as helpful in providing you the free samples in India as are the others. So, you might need to check the websites yourselves. Websites keep on changing time to time. So, it is possible that some of the websites might not work after time to time. Anyhow, hope you liked reading this article, if so, do share this list with as many people as you can so that they can also get free samples in India.

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