New player in Town – Kajamba Review

Most of us create website or blog to provide valuable information to the audiences and reach their hearts. The secondary goal is to monetise our blog so that we can earn a little utilizing the blog traffic. For this purpose, you require a good ad partner to display advertisements on your website. Kajamba is one of the best ad networks for web masters and bloggers that can turn out to be an ideal monetization solution at one place. Being a publisher of Kajamba, you can be assured to earn profits and be secure.

No ad network is perfect as no ad network can give you the expected amount of clicks, but with Kajamba you can be reassured of getting the best possible profit from each visitor, who arrives at your website. Let us learn more about Kajamba ad network.

Kajamba Review

What is Kajamba Ad Network?

Kajamba Advertisement network was brought into existence by the efforts of group of media experts, who had 15 years of vast experience of the market. Kajamba acts as an almost commission free ad network and has turned out to be one of the most efficient ad networks existing in the world. The best thing about Kajamba is that it deals directly with the advertisers. This ensures that your money is not consumed by any third party websites or dealers. It works best to generate maximum profit on your site through its well-organized ad network.

Top features of Kajamba Ad Network

Some of the topmost features of Kajamba Ad Network have been discussed here. Have an eye over them and decide whether to go with it or not?

High CPM

As a blogger, you can’t ask for more. CPM is the amount that is paid to every website owner for every thousand impressions he/she get on his/her website. The traffic from different countries will surely affect the amount generated for every thousand impressions. But you will surely get high CPM rates as compared to most of the CPM based ad networks while using Kajamba ads.

History Based Ads

One of the best things about Google Adsense is that it shows the advertisements based on past Google searches made by the users. This brings a higher conversion rate. Kajamba also uses similar algorithm and displays the ads of user’s interest. This increases the CTR as well as the conversion rate.

Timely Payments

Some of the most popular ad networks might delay your payments, but stay assured with Kajamba. It never delays the payment of its users. Kajamba offers you wide range of options to get paid. You can receive the payments through wire transfer, Payoneer or PayPal. The default Payment model at Kajamba is NET30. This means that you will get the payments generated after 30 days only if it reaches the threshold.

Minimal Threshold for Payments

If you have PayPal or Payoneer accounts then feel lucky with Kajamba payments. You can ask for the payments after $5. The payments will be transferred directly into your PayPal or Payoneer account. If you request the payments through wire transfer then a minimum of $300 is required in your account.

Referral Program

You must have heard about affiliate marketing if you are a blogger. Kajamba offers a referral program to all its users, integrating powerful referral software to track and manage all affiliate activities efficiently. You will be getting a unique affiliate link. If any sign up takes place through this link, you will be given commission for the sign up. You can promote this link as much as you can.

Easy Sign-Up & Implementation

The signup process at Kajamba is really simple and it may take you less than a minute to sign up with Kajamba ad network. Its instant approval policy makes your ads running within minutes of your sign up. You can move freely through its dashboard and generate the ad codes for different ad sizes and formats. Also, its dashboard reveals the real time stats unlike many other ad networks.

Different Ad Formats

Kajamba offers different ad formats to maximize the revenue generation potential of your blog. These ad formats are based on resolution, location, and behavior of the audience. Here are few of the different ad formats offered by Kajamba.

  • Banner Ad: Banner ad code can be generated via dashboard and you can place it anywhere on the site.
  • Footer Ad: This type of ad appears on the bottom of your mobile or desktop screen.
  • Pop-Under Pop-Up Ads: These types of ads carry a high earning potential and gives high eCPM. Both of these ads open in new window/tab with advertiser’s landing page.
  • Slider Ad: Slider ads are effective if you wish to generate high number of impressions. These ads remain on screen and move with movement of cursor unless user closes it.
  • OnVideo Ad: It is a banner ad that appears embedded social video players on the web page. It appears on top of the video. It is even applicable for DailyMotion and YouTube videos.
  • Pusher: This is a banner ad that appears above, below or alongside the page’s content. This ad can be closed by the user or may automatically fade away after few seconds.
  • LightBox: Lightbox ad appears on publishers’ web page just like an overlay layer. Visitors cannot see the page unless they close it or allow the lightbox to disappear automatically.
  • Notification Bar: You will find an ad just above the menu or at top of the site. It is similar to having a subscription option on top, but it’s actually Kajamba ads.
  • Video Ads: Only selected publishers are given the option to display Kajamba ads on their own video players. The ads can come of Post-roll, Mid-roll or Pre-roll, or even a standalone video banner in the video. Several ad sizes are available too.

Final Say

Kajamba is a superb ad network that excellent at ad serving. The history based ads are something to talk about. It offers high CPM and eCPM rates to the publishers and puts in every effort to maximize the publisher’s earnings from the site. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s the time now!

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