Reasons Why You Need to Learn Android App Development Soon

App development is among the top careers which are in high demand. When you compare Android vs. iOS development, you will notice that both play a significant role in the field of app development. However, Android is the most preferred application on mobile devices in the market with the java programming language.

In the current world, almost everyone possesses a mobile phone, and most of them are using Android as the operating system. This only means that when you compare Android vs. iOS development, Android developers have a chance even to grow bigger and better. So, if you are looking forward to being an Android developer, I can assure you are on the right track. Do not wait any longer; take the chance, and keep moving.

Let us look into the reasons why you should learn Android app development soon.

High in demand and good-paying career

According to indeed, software applications are among the top searched for careers worldwide. The job market in web development keeps growing bigger and better. One main reason for this trend is due to the fact that most business transactions usually take place on online platforms. Since the demand for developers keeps rising, it only implies that web development is a career that won’t run out of the market anytime soon.

So, if you are looking forward to being a web developer expert, be sure you are on the right track because the future of web developers is bright.

However, you might be wondering, if developers are in high demand, how much are they paid? Well, it is evident that any job field that is high in demand has an attractive payslip.

Indeed, an Android developer in the United States is paid $123,000 yearly. However, if you create and sell an app on Google Play (or hire an app design company to do that for you) the income will depend on the type of app, its use, how it is received in the market, among other factors.

Android is the base for a large percentage of mobile devices

Most mobile devices operate under the Android operating system. Also, the number of people who prefer Android devices keeps increasing due to the fact that Android is well known, and it is easy to use. This only means that the demand for Android phones will increase and that more Android devices will have to be produced. So, if you are looking forward to being an Android developer expert, do not hesitate as this is the right move you will ever make in your life. It is an opportunity for a lifetime.

Development of new Apps

Since many people use the Android operating system on their mobile devices, it means that the field is open for new inventions and innovations. So, as a developer, you will be entitled to many opportunities to improve and even come up with new technology that will build your brand to another level. One main reason why Android mobile phones are used with many people is due to the fact that they are flexible to carry anywhere, unlike laptops and computers.

Since Android dominates the world of the mobile operating system, it is evident that Android developers have a strong customer base, unlike iOS and other operating systems. This a good reason enough why you need to learn Android app development.

Improved Google Play Store policies

Another good reason why you should be learning mobile Android app development already is due to changes in Google Play Store policies. For instance, a lot of competitive mobile apps have been existing in the Google Play Store, which made marketing a bit tricky due to saturation. However, Google has launched a strategy to slash down the competition by reducing the number of apps, something which is productive to both developers and end-users.

A good example is where Google has banned specific themes from being used on children’s applications, especially those that promote sexual content. For this reason, Google Play Store has created room for other apps from other developers, and at the same time, ensured the targeted audience gets quality and approved services.

Java Programming Language

Java is the most preferred language when it comes to programming. Fortunately, it is the Java language that is used in Android app development. Since Java is more prevalent when compared to other programming languages, it gives Android developers room to penetrate the market faster without many struggles.

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