How to Write a Viral Plagiarism Free SEO Article?

There is a simple principle for writing viral articles. The writer needs to be very selective about the topic he picks. Every topic is not viral, so you have to do some surveying.

What are the topics that people are reading about? Viral topics change from time to time.

At one point, most people may be reading about a high standard smartphone being sold at very low rates. Similarly, a few days’ later, food recipes may be a popular topic of discussion. Hence, preferences change over time. The first thing you need to do is get hold of a topic being discussed widely. Hence, the key is that you should be well aware of what people are talking about.

An original SEO article is very much necessary

It is a fact that content holds importance for various purposes. If a company has to market its products/services online, quality content is a major role player. The emphasis here is on originality. The reader should not get to read something that he already knows about. A very small percentage of online brands actually focus on content freshness.

Webmaster must need to use a plagiarize checker to make sure that their article is unique and 100% original. For instance, if you start reading an article that includes content that you have read in another post, you would lose interest with immediate effect. This simply means that the traffic rate of the website would face a negative impact. Eventually, this would hamper the SEO rank. Thus, even irrespective of the topic you are writing an article on, there should be no compromise on originality.

The complete concentration required for paraphrasing

The information available on the internet in the form of web content, blogs, gazettes, forums, and other content categories is owned by the actual writer only. There is nothing prohibited about using this information, but copying it is not permissible. Article writers and bloggers produce copied content with paraphrasing issues in a lot of instances. For website owners, this can cause long term reputation problems. Hence, paraphrasing is not something that can be done without attention. Rewriting a piece of compiled content is not about rephrasing few sentences and leaving the remaining chunk as is. Readers pay a lot of attention to what they read. If they figure out that the content has been published elsewhere, they count the website as unprofessional. In a nutshell, when you are paraphrasing content, take your time.

The critical role of a plagiarism checking software

A good plagiarism checker helps a lot because of the identities of every content section with paraphrasing issues. What is plagiarism, and why is there so much emphasis on avoiding it? Copying content that you have not written is nothing less than stealing something. In simple terms, you are using something that does not belong to you and that too without the permission of the owner.  How can a plagiarism checking software produce the finest results?

Accurate error-free checking

There is nothing such as relatively correct or almost right when you are talking about plagiarism. An article or content in any other form is either plagiarism free or plagiarized. There is nothing in between. Whether you have one line copied or the entire content, the submission would be counted as plagiarized.

  • Using an automated method to check plagiarism is the best way out since there is no room for error. If you publish a copied article once on your website, the SEO rank will touch the floors within no time. Your website would vanish from the first page in a very short interval. This means reduced traffic and fewer sales chances. Similarly, if you submit a copied guest post on another website, you would be banned from any further submissions.
  • If you have a high standard plagiarism checker, it means having a guarantee that the content is original. The other option is going through each line and comparing it with the actual source. In terms of accuracy, this is not a dependable option, after all. Plagiarism checking tools come in handy because each content section is scanned. Hence, there are no chances of anything being skipped.

Stress-free plagiarism prevention

The writer does not have to worry about anything when he is using an online checker. He can check the article for plagiarism in a stress-free manner. If you compare both the alternatives of checking content for plagiarism, manual checking is both time consuming and stressful.

Using a plagiarism checking tool simply means that the content of the article would be checked immediately. Once you upload the written information, the tool would highlight the copied areas (if any). 

There is no doubt that article writers have to focus on the quality of the content. If they fail to offer readability and unique points, readers will not bother to go through the written information.

  • This tool is beneficial for writers because it allows them to focus on content quality. Other than that, these tools are mostly free, so writers do not need to worry in any manner about the cost. Secondly, these tools are used online, so no time has to be spent on installations or analyzing setup files.

Time-saving for article writers

Every article has a timeline, and the writer needs to publish it before that. It becomes challenging for writers when they have to compile the content, rewrite it, and then check the plagiarism constituent. With technology rapidly advancing and tools being introduced to make life easier, manual checking is definitely not the most convenient alternative on the table.

Summing It Up

Plagiarism is a nuisance, and a lot of article writers fall prey to it. There are two key reasons for this issue. First of all, most writers have a lack of knowledge about plagiarism. As a result, they do not check the content with a careful approach. In addition to that, they do not use the best method for performing plagiarism checks. Checking the content manually is not dependable, and it takes a lot of time. Using a plagiarism checker is actually the most dependable alternative. It does not involve the writer to spend hours or put in a lot of effort.

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  1. Great article, thank you! Plagiarism doesn’t look good. It’s especially bad if someone catches you out.

    Ultimately, I think it’s disrespectful to pass of someone else’s work as your own. Or not give credit properly.

  2. Hi Vallery,

    Thanks for suggesting the plagiarized checker tool This tool is much better than any other free tools. I have used other tools to check my previous contents but they are not as good as this tool.

  3. Thanks for sharing this article with us. I have read your article and found very important information related to plagiarism free content. Google getting very smart day by day and catch plagiarism content very fast. Its effect directly on our website ranking.


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