Why Email Marketing Is Still Super Effective In B2B Businesses

We live in an amazing technological age when it comes to communication. This is excellent news for business owners because you need effective communication to do business. There is an abundance of communication tools available these days like Skype, social media, and instant messaging.

But in spite of the prevalence of these new communication tools, businesses still depend on email as their primary method of communication.

email communication

It may be a little surprising, but email is still the preferred method of internal and external communication in the corporate world. In spite of the social media take-over in digital marketing, email marketing continues to perform well due to the high ROI it provides. This is especially true for B2B businesses.

B2B stands for “Business to Business”. B2B’s are companies that provide products or services to other businesses for them to go about their daily activities. A neat example of a B2B would be a paper mill that sells the paper to a publishing company. B2B businesses thrive behind the scenes but you will not see them often on mainstream social media.

Although social media marketing is growing popularity among marketers, some B2B companies prefer sticking to more traditional methods like email marketing.

B2B And The Effectiveness Of Email Marketing

With all the fresh new methods of marketing and communication available, it’s easy to doubt the effectiveness of the more old-school email marketing.

Realistically speaking, email marketing is still pretty useful. There is only one thing between the success and failure of an email marketing campaign. It is the digital marketing team’s ability to reinvent campaigns to keep them fresh, on-brand and in tune with the latest trends.

There are a variety of reasons why email marketing is still valid in the B2B business.

Customized Message

You should tailor email marketing campaigns to the needs of each client. Email lists can be segmented for different companies with each message being customized for differentiation. This gives you the chance to target clients according to a specific buyer persona.

Target Customers

Relationship Building

Email marketing is hugely relationship-focused, which makes it great for B2B businesses. This is because B2B companies need to nurture relationships to grow their clientele and increase their business value. It’s a more direct way for businesses to communicate directly with clients and build/maintain healthy relationships.


No one in B2B (or any business) wants their digital marketing campaigns to drain their finances. Compared to a lot of other marketing methods, email marketing is economical. This is because there are no printing fees or monthly payments for advertising space.


Vast Reach

Email marketing is a great way to attract new clients because it has an extensive reach. Emails can reach anyone around the world and can directly target the appropriate audience.

Easy To Measure

It’s vital for B2B businesses to effectively measure the impact of their email marketing campaigns to identify any shortcomings. Luckily it’s easy to measure the success rate of email marketing. With the right software, you can track conversion and click-through rates.

Measure Success

This data is measured quickly to give you feedback about how your campaign is performing, and you can make adjustments accordingly.

Simple To Implement

It’s relatively easy to implement an email marketing campaign. You can create a new campaign pretty fast, so you’re able to send it out almost immediately. The truth is, you don’t need an entire team to design them.

Mobile Friendly


Thanks to smart devices, emails have become easy to access at any time in almost any location. This is excellent news for email marketing campaigns because it increases the likelihood of your emails being viewed by your target audience. As a result, B2B’s will be able to harness business opportunities with greater precision than other digital marketing methods.

Back to You

While there are many marketing tactics to improve your sales, when it comes to B2B, there is no better than email marketing. Getting started with an email marketing campaign is rather simple, so go ahead and send those emails!

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