Best Web Hosting Provider in India

For those who are seeking the best web host provider in India: You are in the right place! Here is a review of India’s best web hosting provider eWebGuru based upon our predictions. Predicting the best web host provider is always a complicated process for business owners. They are supposed to engage with the reliable service provider to avail better service and for better performance of their site.

In the case of picking a reliable host provider in India, it will be a hectic job to carry out because of the prevailing heavy competition in the web hosting services.

Why Choose Webhosting Service?

Well, most of us know that web hosting is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals or an organization to host their websites. Web hosting plays a vital role in making websites accessible on the Internet or World Wide Web.

When it comes to web hosting service, you can find a lot of free and paid services online. You can pick a suitable host service provider that fits well for your requirement.


If you are unaware of web hosting services, then you might find yourself confused. Why should you pick paid web hosting services when you can find a lot of free web hosting service provider online? Opting free web hosting would restrict your site in performance-wise, and your website will allow accessing just a particular server resource. However, in paid web hosting your site can enjoy premium resources upon the hosting plan set by the hosting provider. When compared with all the hosting plans from top host provider in India, our team predicts eWebGuru offers better hosting plans for clients.

Therefore, if you are looking for web hosting service for your businesses or commercial purpose, choosing paid web hosting would be the best and wise option. Individuals who are looking to host personal site can prefer free hosting service since their site requires only essential resources.

Tips for picking a Best web hosting

When it comes to selecting the best hosting provider from the Indian market, here are the few features that one needs to look.

Storage & Bandwidth

The amount of Storage & Bandwidth depends on the site’s need and hosting plan. Bandwidth is the feature that determines how fast your site transmits data in-between user’s end to server end. On the other hand, Storage determines allotted space by the server to store your site’s data in the server.


In today’s virtual world, security is one of the inevitable things for all. For business sites, security features must be in top-notch. The server must be capable with SSL certification, Spam Protection and with supreme backups.


Other Vital Features

In addition to the features mentioned above, one needs to look after other vital functions like Automatic Backups and Easy Restore options at the server end. So that if any unfortunate event happens of looking site’s data can be restored immediately without any hassles. Experts would always suggest picking the web host server that offers daily backups and one-click restore facility for e-commerce websites or any dynamic websites.


Well, this might be a tricky factor to determine the best web host provider. Though the pricing factor purely depends upon the quality of services and features offered by the hosting provider, one needs to make sure about paying the reasonable price for the services received.

Customer Support

Finally, customer care support. Host provider needs to provide better customer support to satisfy their clients. Opting host provider who offers 24/7/ for 365 days for hosting business or e-commerce website is best.

When compared all the leading host providers of India with the above-listed features, eWebGuru seems to be the best one. It is offering the best hosting service with excellent customer care support.

Why choose eWebGuru?

eWebGuru HeroApart from the being, listed top in feature-wise, eWebGuru has some outstanding criteria when compared with other host providers in India. Here are the few lists of factors and criteria’s that enforce eWebGuru as the best host provider in India.

  • Wide Range of Webhosting Types offered
  • Affordable Rates and Contracts
  • Completive Domain and Transfer Fees
  • Easy Cancellation Policies
  • High-Tech Security for All Hosted Sites
  • Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth
  • Variety of Preinstalled apps and Easy Integrations
  • Guaranteed Server Uptime
  • High Client’s Reputation
  • Supreme Customer Service
  • Better Server Hardware
  • Future-proof Web Hosting

eWebGuru FeaturesSpecial features of eWebGuru

Here are the peculiar features offered by the host provider eWebGuru for their clients.

  • Tier 4 Data Center for Hosted Sites
  • eWebGuru provides the Fastest Hosting Servers
  • eWebGuru’s server network latency below 30 Milliseconds
  • Server located in NAP of the Americans, in Miami Florida
  • eWebGuru’s server facility utilizes CISCO-only routers and Switches

Web Services Offered by the Host provider eWebGuru

In the hosting industry for more than 15 years, eWebGuru stands as a trustworthy web solution provider in India. Here are the lists of web hosting types offered by the eWebGuru.

  1. Windows Hosting
  2. Linux Hosting
  3. Linux VPS
  4. Windows VPS
  5. Linux Reseller
  6. Windows Reseller
  7. Java Hosting
  8. Business Email Hosting
  9. Cloud Dedicated Server
  10. Bare Metal Server

Apart from offering all type of web hosting services, eWebGuru offers one-stop web solution to its clients. The Web Designing and Web Development services provided by the eWebGuru are highly affordable.

WebDevelopment eWebGuruBesides, eWebGuru offers various hosting plans under each hosting types. All the hosting plans carefully designed by their experts by considering the needs of their clients. Therefore, clients will get affordable hosting plans according to their site’s needs. They can easily upgrade their hosting plans upon their site’s performance.

Bottom Line

With eWebGuru, Webhosting solution made easy. The web host providing company eWebGuru works with the mission of offering quality web solutions to their customers for affordable rates without compromising its servicing quality.

To know more about their web solutions and to get in touch with their customer support dial 0120-4806750 or mail to

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