5 Things You Need To Ask From a SEO Company before Hiring

Hiring the SEO agency for the first time is not an easy thing. For those who already have hired, they know which questions to ask and how to go about it. As for the former, you have to learn from others if you want to get the right candidate for your campaigns. Below are the things you need to ask for before making a decision:

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A portfolio highlights the best works of the agency which the client can rely on when making a decision of whether to hire or not. You should ask for a portfolio in order to know if they are worth your money or not. If you have a small business, you should go for an agency that has precisely handled a local small business. This means that they understand the local market and thus can provide quality SEO services for your business.

The reviews from other clients

Reviews make up a real story about the SEO agency. If the reviews are positive, then they can be trusted. However, if they are mostly negative, you have to think twice about hiring that agency to manage the marketing aspect of your business. New agencies will have few or no reviews as they do not have experience in managing campaigns for clients. In such a case, you should try and find that agency with enough reviews before hiring them.

A list of their clients

Remember that you are about to become one of their clients. It is good to know who you are in this with. Most local marketing agencies will have multiple clients you are competing with. In that case, you may not get the result you need even when the SEO strategies used are powerful. To avoid such a scenario, it is essential that you find out the clients who have hired the marketing agency of your choice. If you find out that one of those clients is your competitor, then you should move on to the next best agency. You can ask them are they provide quality link building work like guest posting services in quality blogs.

Qualification of their staff

The staff they entrust to handle your campaigns should be qualified. You can ask for the qualification status in terms of the academic qualification, experience and level of success in achieving client objectives. All this will form a basis for how well you rate the SEO agency before hiring them to take over your marketing campaign. Not all reputable agencies will have qualified staff. In that case, you have to be thorough when it comes to this.

Link to their professional website and social media accounts

It helps to clear the air. You will be able to see some of the most recent comments from clients they have served. From their social media accounts, you can tell how they have been engaging their followers and the kind of followers they have. A reliable SEO agency will have a clear cut professional profile and bio to top it up with a link to their site. You will learn a lot when it comes to how social the agency you want to hire is and if they are familiar with effective social media marketing.

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