Top 3 WordPress Chatbot Plug-ins

Creating and running a website using WordPress can be quite challenging if you aim to gain more customers in the future. However, getting more customers by being part of the e-commerce industry can only be possible if you have sufficient customer management. Thus, finding the best chatbot plugin can help you increase your customer experience.

Chatbot plugins provide webmasters or website owners a live chat for their website to cater to the needs and issues of customers.

Finding the best WordPress automated chatbot plugin can make a huge difference in how the automated chatbot handles the customer.

Keep in mind that a more human-like interaction is more admirable. Knowing the features of top WordPress chatbots plugins and what makes them different from other plugins should be taken to priority. Following this, being knowledgable about these features allows you to take advantage of them to make the most out of their functionality. Thus, here are the top three WordPress chatbot plugins.

IBM Watson Assistant

The IBM Watson Assistant chatbot plugin by IBM Cognitive Class enables webmasters to train the automated chatbot to answer frequently asked questions or FAQs. The main advantage of using the IBM Watson Assistant is that customers can navigate through the website with ease, based on the recommendations of the chatbot.

Further, webmasters can also gain useful information and insights depending on the response and what the consumer is looking for. Webmasters can also improve the reactions of the automated chatbot based on the collected data. Thus, making the IBM Watson Assistant more interactive to enhance the customer experience of the website.

Another reason why the IBM Watson Assistant plugin belongs to the top is that it can transfer the customer to a human customer service operator. The customer transfer to a human operator is possible due to Twilio’s VOIP calling incorporated in the IBM Watson Assistant. The VOIP calling feature is also easy and quick to use for customers.

The appearance of the IBM Watson Assistant chatbox is also customizable. Webmasters can change the colors and images to match the business’ theme. On the other hand, another innovative feature of this chatbot plugin is that it integrates productive responses by providing more information and alternatives.

The provided information is also clickable, allowing customers to find images and details regarding that product. As a webmaster, you’ll even know that whatever information collected by the chatbot can link to a specific user account. That’s because consumers will need to sign in on their accounts to gain better responses from the chatbox.

WP Chatbot

The WP Chatbot plugin is a Facebook Messenger Customer Chatbot by MobileMonkey. The WP Chatbot is essentially a Messenger widget that webmasters can make use of on their websites. Given that Facebook is a popular social media platform where consumers can buy and sell products, the WP Chatbot is an effective way to engage customers.

One vital factor of the WP chatbot is that it’s always available for users to use and inquire about particular products and services. Apart from the availability of service, users with different brands of devices and types of operating systems can use the chatbot. Webmasters can also utilize the WP Chatbot in versions of WordPress.

Further, the WP Chatbot is extremely customizable since you can change almost everything from the appearance to how the chatbot greets the customers. The greeting feature of the WP Chatbot can also differ for users not registered to the business’ website. Further, you can also save the contacts of all the users despite deleting the chat history.

Deleting the chat history won’t make a difference as to how the WP Chatbot interacts with consumers. You and your customer service department can also have access to the information collected by the chatbot for future references and improvements. On the other hand, you can also set a specific location for your chatbot to maintain privacy.


The WoowBot is a plug-and-play chatbot plugin that every webmaster with no programming or technological experience can use. The free version of the WoowBot enables customers to search and locate particular products on an e-commerce website. Thus, making the customer experience more efficient.

The WoowBot can make the customer experience more efficient because it’s a conversational chatbot. A conversational chatbot allows customers to type the product name. The chatbot will then provide a link or redirect the consumer directly to that product.

However, webmasters can also purchase a pro version of the WoowBot to gain access to more advanced and innovative features of the chatbot. The most striking feature of the WoowBot is that it uses Google Artificial Intelligence and Diagloflow with machine learning. Thus, allowing webmasters to create custom responses and intents.


The top three WordPress chatbot plugins may cost webmasters a certain amount of money to gain access to better features. However, keep in mind that gaining access to better features of the chatbot allows you to maximize the capabilities of the chatbot.

Thus, helping you achieve success through better customer engagement and experiences that’ll eventually lead to better conversion rates. You can also visit to find more information about these chatbot plug-ins for more insights as to how you can use them for your website.

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