Top 5 TikTok Plugins for WordPress

If you care enough about modern trends to start a website, you are probably aware of the importance of social media. Chances are, you started a social media account for your project before you made your website.

Social media has both established itself as and a no longer excludable part of our communication and has grown its capabilities to impressive lengths.

Almost any small business and even a good part of medium-sized businesses can get away by just having a Facebook page and an Instagram account. You can even sell online fairly simply without having an eStore. But it all depends on what you are doing and what your goals are.

Most medium businesses use social media to be relevant, have good communication with their customers, and to use it for marketing.

Facebook and Instagram are great tools for marketing, and as time goes by, they are more and more approaching the status of being one of “the basics.” Not to have a Facebook page or Instagram account is just missing out by now. Not only that, but businesses are also catching on to the trends of newer social media, like Snapchat and Tik Tok. These platforms are popular amongst younger generations and are attracting more and more brands to create content on them.

Tik Tok is surpassing Snapchat right now, and it’s not hard to understand why.  While Snapchat is a platform for short term image exchanging, Tik Tok is a video platform. It is like Instagram for short videos. The benefits of this platform for your brand should be obvious.

Using Tik Tok as a marketing tool

While using images in marketing will never go out of fashion, there are clear benefits to videos when it comes to advertising.

A video catches attention much faster when than an image, and if you are talking about Tik Tok, this effect is amplified.

Tik Tok automatically reproduces sound, unlike Facebook, and it allows for less control than Instagram when it comes to the amount of content being exchanged on the screen. Tik Tok can be described as rapid-fire vlogs. This means that they appear in full expression and sound, and also users engage with the content immediately. If they are scrolling through Tik Tok, they will see your content. All you need to do is be creative with your content.

TikTok VideoHow to add your Tik Tok account to your WordPress page

All of the above should be reasons enough to start your Tik Tok account. And if you do start one, you want it to be accessible to people.

Tik Tok is still hyped enough that people will want to see your account just to have something to follow on the platform if they are new. And, of course, you don’t want to waste all the work you are putting into creating that content.

Making content is surely a fun thing, but it’s also time-consuming. And if you are putting in the time to make it valuable, you should show it to the people.

So, now that we are on board regarding the benefits of Tik Tok, and why you should show it on your website, we can get down to business. There are a few ways you can add a Tik Tok icon to your WordPress page.

Embed Block for Tik Tok

The Tik Tok embed blockSince of late, WordPress is featuring a “Tik Tok” block option. When you are constructing your post, you have the option to choose different kinds of blocks for your content. These blocks can be used to mark a certain kind of paragraph or quotation or embed sound and video.

You can download the embed block for Tik Tok from the WordPress website under “Plugins,” for free.

WP Tik Tok Feed

WP Tik Tok FeedThe WP Tik Tok Feed is a great plugin because it gives you some of the Tik Tok experience right of the bat. You can arrange the way you want your feed to be displayed to draw in the users.

Another great feature of the plugin is that it gets updated automatically.  This also means that the effect of the plugin amplifies over time. Every time a visitor comes to your website, they will get a sneak peek at your new material. It will passively draw them in to become followers even though they are not following you yet.

Just like the Embed Block plugin, you can find it on the WordPress website for free.

If you want a faster way of gaining a following, you can always buy followers.

Tik Tok Video Downloader

Tik Tok Video DownloaderThe Tik Tok video downloader is a different kind of plugin. It works as a search bar on your website that allows your visitors to search for Tik Tok videos via username, hashtag, or video URL.

When they find what they are interested in, they can download the video.
Visitors can choose to download with or without a watermark.
You can also set up ads to appear on video pop-ups.

It comes for 19$, and you can find it here.

TikTok Feed

TikTok FeedThe Tik Tok Feed plugin works in the same mater WP Tik Tok Feed but upgraded. The Tik Tok Feed plugin is more customizable. This is also a plugin developed by the WordPress team.
It features more control over what will appear on your feed and how it will appear to your visitors. However, this new abundance means that the plugin isn’t free. It costs 19$ and can also be downloaded from the WordPress website.


BioLinks is a plugin that allows you to feature links that will redirect your users. Instagram and TikTok have limited the ability to embed functional links that redirect users. Usually, you would have to copy the link manually and paste it in your search engine to open the page.

BioLink seeks to solve this problem for both platforms. It helps you create a shortened, elegant link that you can add to your bios. It can feature as many URLs as you like. Even though this plugin isn’t designed for WordPress specifically, it does, however, an important job.

If you are aiming to market via Tik Tok, this plugin cannot be avoided. Besides, it not only bridges the gap between your Tik Tok and your website, it easily integrates with the WordPress platform.


Don’t be caught up in avoiding Tik Tok because it’s for kids. It all depends on how you use it. There is no reason to infantilize your content, even though humor has become a must when it comes to Tik Tok content.

However you wish to look at it, Tik Tok will surely continue to grow in the following years, so trying it out is definitely a good idea.

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