Maxcdn vs cloudflare – which is best CDN service provider ?

Choosing best cdn service provider is really tough task because every one is offering good services, here we are comparing two major leaders of the industry and comparing Maxcdn vs cloudflare which are really good names in the industry and have reliable image among the clients for making their websites faster and secured also. Many of the best web hosting service providers companies offers free CDN services with their hosting packages to the clients.

Before reading about their features in details first we need to know why we should use content delivery network services and how our website or blog performance can be improved after using them.

Benefits of using best cdn services

1 – By using CDN services we can reduce loading time of websites in specific region.

2 – Most of the CDN services offers good safety features which helps us in making our website secured.

3 – Better response time always increase conversion rate of sites which leads to success.

4 – Using CDN services helps us indirectly improving ROI of our business.

Maxcdn vs cloudflare - best CDN service provider


Maxcdn vs cloudflare


Here we are comparing the features which they are offering and we have read from their official websites.


Before writing the details about its features first of all i want to say this i am using MAX CDN for my this blog – at this time and currently i am satisfied with its performance for the better cache and faster opening of my websites. Now let’s talk about features ..

1 – They provide one shop solution for all ad networks, big size digital agencies, any hosting providers also.

2 – You can integrate this easily on any content management system.

3 – If you are running gaming website and want to offer game players a better experience then they has a solution for it.

4 – You can get your free test account also, at this time they are offering this opportunity without any commitment.

5 – They provide analytics which shows the real time stats so can observe performance and can improve it.

6 – They have the system to make your website more secured after following few steps only.

7 – There are the option of custom or shared SSL which you can use for secured traffic.

8 – You can set your own rules on how your server will behave and you have full control over it also.



It is also one of known trust full name for providing best cdn service to the website owners for reducing the loading time and you can read about its features below here. Personally i have not used their service but after reading from their website i am mentioning some points here.

1 – They offer free CDN services with SSL and fast speed with broad security protection and real stats related to visitors of your website.

2 – They offer cdn with mobile optimisation, web application firewall and deep report on insider stats of your website.

3 – Their business CDN service which provide you attack migration, Railgun web optimisation and guaranteed 100 % up time also which is really unique feature.

4 – You can upgrade your service any time if you are required to improve the performance and increases requirements.

5 –  By using their services you can block visitors and IP addresses any time with the range and country also.

After sharing these specific points about both the service provider we can say these two are worth using and this is the final words in this Maxcdn vs cloudflare based on our personal knowledge only.

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Disclaimer – In this post Maxcdn vs cloudflare we wrote the information based on our personal knowledge only and for exact information you can visit their official websites. Thanks.

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