5 Programming Languages Every WordPress Developer Should Know

There are several programming languages every WordPress developer should know. Many web development companies use the WordPress platform for its free, open-source accessibility. Indeed, enterprises can personalize websites through different themes, custom code, and plugins.

Of course, WP also offers one of the world’s most popular content management systems (CMS) so businesses can amp up SEO and improve their marketing. As a WordPress developer getting started, you need to know the most popular programming languages to use on the platform. This way, you can develop high-quality sites for your clients.

Read on to learn about some of the most important programming languages every WordPress developer should know.


First, PHP is one of the most important programming languages to learn for WP development. This language allows WordPress themes and plugins to adjust the content, take user input, and change how your site works.


In addition, developers typically code everything in PHP using top frameworks. Then, the site presents the information as static browser pages for your visitors. Fortunately, PHP is fairly easy to pick up if you’re just getting started with WP development. Programmers often learn it from boot camps and online tutorials while learning other languages. Plus, you can run it on almost any server.

Therefore, you can even host it yourself if you want total control of your sites. Definitely, consider learning PHP for your WordPress development.


Next, Rust is another programming language you can learn for WordPress development. With WP plugins for Rust, you can connect your Rust server to WordPress. Then, display real-time server and player statistics on your site using shortcodes.

In addition, many programmers also use a JFrog Cargo Registry to develop web applications. Once installed, you can use this tool to automate your CI/CD pipeline through REST APIs fully. Additionally, create unlimited private Cargo registries to share Rust crates across your organization. Leverage fine-grained access control based on teams and projects to maintain high security for your code. Undoubtedly, Rust’s wide range of system use makes it great for any WP developer to learn.


In addition, you can also learn JavaScript to build websites on WordPress. For example, many web developers are using this language along with APIs and Markup architecture to configure a headless content management system. Notably, you can also do this using a JavaScript framework like React.js. Here, the site typically reads content from your REST API. Then, it uses a JavaScript framework to render it.


By choosing a headless CMS, developers can bypass using traditional WP themes. Simultaneously, they can control the look and feel of the site through their preferred framework. In short, consider learning JavaScript to build your sites on WordPress.


Moreover, most developers also use HTML to build page structures in WP. Importantly, HTML is the standard markup language for web documents when you want to display them in a web browser. As the primary building block of the web, it usually uses markup annotations to describe and define the page content.

In addition, you can use HTML to create and collocate your content blocks. Usually, an HTML page contains the document head to include metadata about the page. Additionally, the document body contains the actual content of all visible blocks within the page.

Then, HTML tags tell the browser how to display each element on the page. Surely, HTML is one of the most popular programming languages for WordPress development.


Furthermore, most web developers use CSS when programming WP sites. Notably, this style sheet language can define the appearance and format of HTML files.

Many WP themes use both CSS and HTML to output their site data. Indeed, almost every WordPress theme contains a “style.css” file. Usually, this includes style rules to define the formatting of different WordPress pages.


To get started, you can watch a tutorial online or take a web development bootcamp on CSS. Or, simply look at your WP theme’s “style.css” file. Often, this demonstrates the proper syntax to code font size, color, weight, and more. Consider using identifiers and classes to define different sections to style in CSS. Certainly, CSS is one of the most popular programming languages to learn for WP development.


There are several programming languages every WordPress developer should know. First, learn PHP to use top frameworks, themes, and plugins. Next, consider learning Rust for sophisticated plugins and web application functionality. In addition, you can also learn JavaScript if you want to enable a headless CMS. Moreover, HTML is another one of the most important languages for WP. Furthermore, learn CSS to format your HTML files on your WordPress sites. Consider these points to learn about the top programming languages every WordPress developer should know.

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