Kepard VPN Review: Get All Your Jobs Done at Ripening Fast Speeds

Have you ever thought about the sites that leaks your personal information? Are all sites same? The answer is no, all sites are not at all same. But, how to protect your privacy online is still a big question. VPN can be the best answer to all your questions. If you have a lot of data transfer work online then going for a secured VPN network is really important so that your private information stays protected. Kepard VPN is the ideal solution for you. It is the best ‘Value for Money’ VPN provider that guarantees complete security of your data online over a network.

Kepard – Quick Overview

Kepard is an extra ordinary VPN provider that offers you straight forward VPN connections eliminating the ordinary options. The software has eye pleasing design and easy to use interface. It is really effortless to configure between OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP. OpenVPN is quite easy to use in modern day scenarios. You can get connected to 2 different networks simultaneously to add extra privacy. Kepard is available both for Windows as well as Android. Its servers are located in diverse locations allowing boundless traffic flow through them. Let us unleash the best features of Kepard VPN network.

Kepard VPN – Outstanding Features

Here are some of the versatile features of Kepard VPN that have been listed below. You will surely love these features and would definitely opt for Kepard VPN services.

Multiple Connections Offered

Kepard lets you to get connect simultaneously with more devices. This ensures that you need not to pay extra money to buy additional plan for protecting additional devices. Two simultaneous connections are allowed at a time. If you have already downloaded their Android software then four connections can be easily managed at same time.


The larger network of servers of Kepard ensures that you stay protected from different parts of the world. Kepard has its servers in 8 countries. If you are using the servers of Netherlands then you can enjoy P2P sharing along with Torrent downloading.

  • Netherlands – 3 servers
  • USA – 3 servers
  • UK – 3 servers
  • Germany – 2 servers
  • Canada – 2 servers
  • France – 1 server
  • Switzerland – 1 servers
  • Sweden – 1 server

Kepard VPN Review

Help Desk and Email Ticketing

Kepard is always ready with its customer support. Some of the customer support services it offers are – Frequently asked questions (FAQs), Manual Setup guide, affiliate questions and email ticketing. Only registered users are allotted with email ticketing system and these tickets can only be accessed through client area. Customer support is present 24X7 and the executives are technically sound.

Free Trial and Referral Program

You can check its services with its 1-day free trial. No credit card details needs to filled p before using the free trial offered by Kepard. If you make 6 people join Kepard with your invitation then you get 180 days as free trial. This means 30 days for each invitation, but you can only enjoy free trial for 180 days, no matter how many people join Kepard on your invite. Check more free stuff India samples also.


Kepard can run with various operating systems and devices. You can configure Kepard on Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android and Linux too. At present, Kepard has its app for Android & Windows devices.

Data Logging

Few VPNs often log your data. At this point, there is no point of using a VPN as the security of data is destroyed by logging. Avoid using such VPNs. Kepard does not logs data of users. This makes sure that the browsing activity of user remains private.


Are you a NetFlix Junkie or crazy YouTuber? If yes then your internet pack might get exhausted in between as the processes might eat up too much of bandwidth. But, don’t worry at all. Kepard do not restrain the user with bandwidth usage.


Kepard is popular for its unmatched security. Nat Firewall makes connecting with 2 simultaneous locations possible making it a well layered VPN connection on security terms. Further it provides L2TP protection & 128/256-bit encryption. Security is never compromised at Kepard VPN.


If you are a keen online streamer then this means that a lot of bandwidth will get consumed and you will need high speed connection. So, we checked speed of Kepard and compared it with normal internet speed. You can check the results below.

Using Kepard VPN

Without Using Kepard VPN

You can clearly see that with Kepard VPN the upload and download speeds are higher. Also, the pinging time is really low.

Kepard VPN Setup

If you wish to enjoy private browsing and transfer your data at fast speeds then here is the guide for setting up Kepard VPN.

  • Press ‘Install’ button after agreeing to the terms when you see the page below.
  • As soon as the ‘Install’ button I pressed, the installation process starts.
  • A small window will appear in between. This is not the symbol of installation finished. The installation is still on progress and allow it to complete.
  • The above screen will stay during the installation and you may see the black DOS screen appearing in between the process.
  • When you see the window as shown below, click on ‘Install’ button and do not tick the box.
  • ‘Driver Installation’ message appears for short interval.
  • Once the installation is finished, you would be able to see the below screen.

Follow the above steps carefully in order to complete the installation process without any hassle or trouble. These steps will lead to successful installation of Kepard.

Kepard VPN Pricing & Money Back Guarantee

Kepard offers three different types of plans to you. You can opt for any depending on your needs and choice. The payment can be done through credit cards, Bitcoin, and PayPal. You can choose the most comfortable way for making the payments.

  • Kepard monthly Plan – ($7/month)
  • Kepard quarterly plan – ($17/three months)
  • Kepard annual plan – ($35/year)

Final Thoughts

No doubt, Kepard should be the first choice of anyone eyeing at fast and secured VPN network. Kepard is the cost effective solution for best VPN hunters and they can easily enjoy effortless browsing, downloading, and uploading over a high speed network. Moreover, the security mechanism is best to block threats that might deteriorate the security of user. So, Kepard is surely the best known VPN networks available at affordable price to the users.

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