Housing App-The Perfect Way to Find Rental Properties from Anywhere

Housing.com has introduced its property search app on Android and iOS platforms. The signature style of the portal is also embedded in the apps. The latest version of the Android app is an effort from scratch.


Housing.com is known for using its technology capabilities in its offerings. The portal ensures that the end users looking for properties get as much information as they possibly can. Therefore the portal constantly analyses end user interactions and uses that information to improve its services. The portal’s endeavour to reintroduce the app is a result of such an analysis. The newly designed app now is more potent and an improved tool for property search.


If someone were to seek rental properties using housing.com app, what would be the way to go about it?


Using the Housing App to find Rental Properties


Assume an end user is looking for 1BHK flat on rent in Pimpri Chinchwad area. To initiate the search, the first step would be to log into the app as soon as it is opened. Logging in allows the end user to become independent of the platform. Any changes in the information saved while using the app will be reflected across platforms. There are numerous options available in the main menu. The second option says ‘Find Houses for Rent’. When this option is selected, the search screen comes across as similar to the one seen on the portal. The end user has to enter the name of the locality and the map of the same comes up as a result.


This map has all the properties marked on it. However one is not able to view them in the first go. If all the properties are listed on the small screen, the end user would merely see the clutter and nothing else. Its only when one zooms in that all the property listings are seen.


Let us assume now that the end user also wants to include 2BHK in the search mix. He/she has to tap the ‘Filter’ button on the top of the map to access all the filter options. There is a whole comprehensive set which allows one to zero in on the right kind of flat for rent in Chinchwad and Pimpri. Once the filter options are selected, there is also an option to assess the locality. There is a button marked ‘Local’ on the top right hand side of the map screen. Tapping it reveals the names of amenities like parks, hospitals, restaurants etc. One can select one amenity and view its location on the map. Basis this assessment, it becomes easy for the end user to find the property that would suit him/her the best.


Assessing a Rental Apartment


After a neighbourhood is identified, the end user is able to view the property specifications. This is done by tapping on a property marker after zooming in. The screen shows the photographs of the property and amenity related information. When one scrolls down, the property is seen in isolation on the map. Here one can find the location and distance of numerous amenities with respect to the property as well. If one is satisfied, there is the option to shortlist the property too.


In Conclusion


Housing.com has offered its app to the end users as a reliable tool for searching properties while on the move.

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  1. Interesting post. Today the world is mobilizing and if there is an app that could support you in accommodation, nothing can be pleasing then that. A housing mobile application necessarily include locations, categories of houses, in app chat feature and a GPS for navigation. A feature that sends push notifications when a house of customer’s need is available will be exciting. Integrating app with Payment gateways through API will ease out the rental process.


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