Donorbox – Best Donation Plugin for WordPress

According to a 2016 survey, WordPress powers almost 27% of the entire internet and 24 posts are published every second through it.

These numbers indicate that WordPress has become a prominent part of the modern era. When a service is used by so many users, it requires a good support and that comes in form of plugins for WordPress.

WordPress plugins are bits of software that can be installed to further enhance, expand and extend the functionality of a user’s website.

There are over 50,000 WordPress plugins and they are divided into two categories:

  1. Free plugins
  2. Premium plugins

There is a lot of variety of plugins including sports, news, finance, business but today we will be discussing about Donorbox, a WordPress Donation Plugin that you can use for your WP Hosted Website.

Need for Donation Plugins

Donations are probably the best way to reward someone for their work. People often provide free service on their websites and in return, rely on their viewers and subscribers to donate money for their efforts.

These fundraising plug-ins are absolutely vital and it is extremely important that they are secure.

Most of the plugins listed for donations allow users to create multiple campaigns, accept payment in different currencies and have embedded thank-you templates.

Donorbox — Best Donation Plugin for WordPress

Donorbox has rapidly become a preferred choice for fundraising thanks to its clean interface and reliability. This service is basically web-based but also extends its support to WordPress users.


So what makes Donorbox the best WordPress plugin?

Well, the Donorbox plugin is an extremely well developed state of the art donation plugin which is very simple to setup and has the ability to attract more recurring donors.

Some of its features include:

  • Custom form builder
  • Seamless corporate matching
  • Customizable Donorbox receipt
  • Ach Bank Donations
  • Seamlessly WordPress integration
  • Accepts monthly recurring donations

Since donations are made from all across the world, Donorbox accepts payments via cards, Apple Pay, ACH bank transfers and PayPal, which adds huge value to the plugin.

While talking about detailed service, here is what you Donorbox plugin offers:

Fast, Multi-Step Checkout

Often time people have trouble how much to donate. This issue is addressed by Donorbox with the introduction of pre-filled custom amounts along with their description; this enables the donors to assess what their donations are going to get them.

An example of it is attached below:

donorbox plugin

Furthermore, donations can be made through bank transfer or PayPal. The donation forms are also localized in various languages; Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portugese.

Lasting Relationships

Often times, donors make monthly donations. Donorbox has integrated the option to allow the donors to make monthly recurring donations. Additionally, the donors have the full control over these donations.

wordpress plugin

There are goal meters to encourage more donations. It can be enabled from donation form editor by clicking on Amount Setup tab.


When we talk about donations, the biggest challenge to overcome is to provide secure service and Donorbox ensures that. Donorbox is secured by SLL / TLS and is also PCI compliant.

The credit card payments are encrypted, tokenized and are safely stored with Stripe’s payment processor.

Embeddable Form or Donation Button

This enables the users to collect donations on more than one campaign. Donorbox has given the facility to allow users to add as many forms as needed.

The donation forms can also be embedded on WordPress pages by the usage of shortcodes.

The forms are optimized for desktop, mobile phone and tablet users.

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