What is SEO and How to Start Learning it in 2018?

SEO is a big question on the web. What it is and how to get started with it are the two most popular thing which everyone on the web wants to know. Let reveal it.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the group of activities that one can do to improve the rankings of his or her website in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are a lot of different types of search engines in this world and every different search engine has its different rules and algorithms to monitor and index the different websites across the globe in the search results pages.

If you are seeing a website at #1, then you should agree with the statement that the website developers have done the proper SEO of that particular site to make it rank at the top of the search result. The better SEO a website will, the higher it will rank in Google or any other search engine. In this post you will better understand about what is seo ?

Guaranteed top 10 ranking

There are hundreds and thousands of ways, people do SEO. Some people try to learn everything from the internet and starts doing everything associated their self or by forming a team and some people just handle over the SEO work to some SEO or Digital marketing agency so as they get a paid SEO service.

There are lot of things in SEO like On-page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Link Building, Website audits etc.

But as the time is changing, the way how SEO works is changing because the Search Engines are changing their behaviors very quickly and randomly. There is nobody who can accurately tell all the ways to rank at the top of the search engine.

Learning SEO in 2018

Well, but if you want to learn SEO in 2018, you have to be very much dedicated towards it, doesn’t matter from whosesoever you are learning it.

The best way to learn SEO in 2018 is learning with practical implementation. You should start learning SEO from the various websites that teaches SEO and have almost all of their tutorials, guides and articles ranking at the number one page of Google. Because, they will teach you the ways, which they have used themselves to rank at the top pages of the search engines. Just visiting any random blog or website for SEO learning is simply not going to help you. So, you have to find some trusted websites by reading reviews of the users. Once you find a good, start grabbing SEO knowledge from there are also start along a website or blog where you will practically implement all of those learning.

This is how the SEO things will work in 2018!

So, this was all about what SEO is and how to get started with by learning it in 2018. You will surely loved to more articles like it. If so, do hit on the subscribe button and share this article on the social media to let more and more people know about SEO and the ways to learn it in 2018. High Domain Authority websites will also rank well in search.. Thanks.

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