7 SEO Tips That Work Like A Pro

In a world of so much marketing competition, using the right marketing techniques is the only way to survive. If you have a website, blog or online store, you must be familiar with what and how SEO works. There are several people who daily look for answers to certain problems in the process of making their SEO process better.

Using the right SEO techniques will help your business to grow and as this new year starts, making sure that you are using the right and upgraded SEO technique is extremely necessary. In this article, you will get to know about some of the best SEO tips that you need to follow.

1. Compress Images

Heavy images can make your website speed slow. This can become a reason that can make your users leave the page quickly. A site that takes a lot of time to load can make anyone feel irritated. So, make sure that this doesn’t happen to your site by compressing and optimizing the images. For doing so you can take the help of tools like ShortPixel and TinyPNG. With the help of these tools, you can make sure that your site is able to retain the users to it for a longer time.


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2. Increase the Speed of Your Site

We discussed in the earlier point that images can slow down your site loading speed. But, that’s not all, there are many other things which can slow down your site, ultimately causing your users to leave. If this happens, search engines will definitely start lowering your website ranks. Nobody knows your site better than you, so try to find out reasons that are causing your website to slow down. The issue may vary from plug-in to extension or some other files. You must be able to identify the cause and fix it asap.

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3. Infographic Sharing

You can create an infographic that has all the relevant information in it related to your niche. Share it with your users through your social media page. Reach out to social media influencers that are connected to your niche. Doing so will help you to attract some relevant audience to your site. Make sure that when creating an infographic, you include only that information that your target audience finds to be useful.

4. Give Priority to Important Web Pages

The navigation structure is a crucial factor. It is considered to be important because it sends users on all the important pages of a site. So, it should be checked on a priority basis. This way your users will find it easy to reach the pages quickly. It should be optimized via a proper keyword search. This is necessary if you want your users to access certain pages and follow the required call-to-action(CTAs).

5. Interlink Web Pages with Keyword Rich Anchor Text

Interlinking is an important SEO technique. So, make sure that you use specific and correct anchor texts and link them to your pages. It’s a simple process of linking your new content to other pages that are relevant to it on your site. Use an Interlink Manager if you have to manage too many pages. Interlinking is said to be a simple but effective SEO technique. Buying backlinks also falls into this category, as it’s being utilized by many creators. As any other strategy, it has its pros and cons, and if you’d like to dive a little deeper into this topic, you can find more information by Diggity Marketing who did extensive research to give you a clear picture of the matter. 

6. Optimize the Titles and Headings

Keywords are quite important when it comes to search engines. The key to this important factor is keyword research. Your content should be optimized for keywords research. Never forget to include targeted keyword in the title. This goes for Heading (H1) as well. Your heading is an important part that you should not ignore and your targeted keyword should be included in it. Always keep keywords in your mind whenever you devise them. Meta description does influence the searches. So, proper optimization of meta descriptions should also be done.

7. Track Your Site’s Performance

Keep a check on your site’s performance. Make sure to track pages, and monitor the behaviour of the users as well. Search volume and on-page time must be analyzed from time to time. If users are seen leaving the page quickly, you need to figure out the reason behind this. It’s not that difficult to do so, you can simply use Google Analytics. You also have an option of using a plug-in from a content management system (CMS) for installing it.

With new SEO practices coming every now, one must be updated with ongoing trends. I hope this article helped you to know about some effective SEO tips that you can use. In case of any doubt regarding the above topic, feel free to reach out to us through the comment section below. thankyou! Discover more on: Heers The Netherlands


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