4 SEO Tips and Tricks No One Will Tell You About

Successful businesses o everything they can to dominate search engine results. Even if it means paying thousands of dollars to get backlinks or pay the best SEO experts available in the modern market, they will doubtlessly do it.  They make sure that all the sale pitches they offer to their visitors are unique and highly convincing, which increases their conversions at the end of the day.

However, you are a small fish submerged in a huge pond, and you are probably wondering:

“What can I do to dominate search engine results?”

Will I ever have the capacity to compete with the ‘Big Fish’ the online world? Do I even stand a chance?”

Well, the good news is, there is no magic in online business. If you want to have a success story, you must do everything right.

Sometimes, you think that you have done SEO right, but nothing is working for you, you think you have made some seo mistakes. Do not despair! Below are some tips and tricks that will help you rank at the top of your industry:

Get a Google Place Page for your business

Now that you have been researching a lot about SEO lately, you have come around the term ‘Local.’ Today, dominant search engines such as Google are moving to local search, something that most people including some SEO experts have little or no information about.

This means that if you learn how local SEO works, you stand a chance to stay ahead of the competition. The good news about this type of SEO is that it will doubtlessly work for you even if you have terrible rankings in search engines.

Regardless of how appealing a website is, local searches will always appear at the helm of regular results.  To improve the Google places results, make sure:

You have posted your address on your website and in multiple social media sites- remember, every time a search engine tries to pair your business name and your address, it will undoubtedly locate you with the address in what is referred to as ‘citations.’

Therefore, if you have a visible address on your website and in search engines that allow you to list your address such as Angie’s List and Yelp, you will get more citations than your competitors, which means your site will rank higher.

You have more reviews than your competitors- reputation is one thing that makes a business highly credible. If you get any testimonial, make sure you post it on your site. Most sites have no reviews. This means that even if you get five good star reviews, you will secure a top spot in no time. seo tips


Connect your Google+ Account to your website

When you are asked to list the most popular social media platforms you know, Google+ will probably come last because it cannot match giants like Facebook and Twitter. But wait…this is a site that you always overlook, not knowing that it can bring a significant SEO value to your website.

How is this possible?

It’s pretty simple!

When you connect your Google Plus page to your site, your image will appear next to your search results.

Well, according to research, 33% of online users click the top result on search engines because it is more credible and easier to click. You, therefore need to make sure that your site ranks top. It is worth a try.

But adding a face to your search results will do the magic even if your search results don’t appear at the top. This is a trick that is used by the some of the shrewdest SEO experts, which you need to apply as soon as now if you want unique SEO results.

You can get information about adding your Google+ account to your website in various sites across the internet.

Ensure your site speaks the Google’s Language

Below are some of the some of the things you should do to ensure you are speaking the Google’s language:

  • All your headings should be in < H1> TAGS
  • Your subheadings should be in <H2> and <H3> tags
  • The title of every page should contain your target keywords
  • The main heading on the page should have your target keywords

That’s it! Since most business owners ignore the above points, implementing them in your strategy will certainly give you a position at the top of Google search results.

Lastly…do competitive research

Yes, research your competition. Know what they are doing and implement better strategies that will counter theirs. If you find that there is a competitor doing something great, don’t be afraid to steal! The biggest mistake you can do to your SEO is to start everything from scratch. Be wise!

There you have it! These tips and tricks mentioned above have been held as secrets for a long time. Now that you have them use them to your advantage and soon enough, you will be swimming in the sea of success. Best of Luck!

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