5 Efficient Ways to Market Your New App

When it comes to launching a new app, you need to stand out. Standing out is directly correlated to the strength of your marketing strategy. Here are the top five tips to market your new app.

Tip #1: Landing Page

Your landing page should be simple, sleek and tease your client. Your landing page should offer beautiful graphics and maybe even an interactive menu feature too. However, your landing page should offer just enough information and a call to action button to intrigue your consumer into jumping over to that app download page. The most intriguing apps are the ones that have an air of mystery until you open them up.

Finding the right balance between information and intrigue gets tricky. Running your landing page options by friends and colleagues is the best way to analyze what words and pictures will get people interested.

Tip #2: Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a tried-and-true method for getting information out there. Advertising your new app on social media can be tricky too. Like the landing page, you need to create enough intrigue that consumers will click on your link. Yet, the way to generate interest on social media differs depending on the medium. If you’re marketing on Facebook, traditional advertising is not the way to go. Rather, advertising your app through creative content will get more likes, comments, and app downloading interaction. However, if you are on programs like Instagram, advertising your app in a simple picture or infographics through your usual Instagram post rotation can be enough.

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Tip #3: Creative Content

Creative content is content that a business generates for the specific purpose of engaging with their target audience. This content is especially effective on social media platforms where advertisements are typically overlooked. Creative content can be anything from infographics to branded hashtags which cause conversation among followers.

Typically creative content is educational information within the niche of a particular brand. As educational information is meant to interest followers as well as boost brand awareness, marketing your new app fits directly into this. Since you are able to create your own content—be at a blog or YouTube channel—you are able to tailor the topics you cover to plug your new app. While you want your app to gain traffic through this method, you do not want your app to be the sole purpose for the creation of this content. Your content should be created in order to aid your consumers in their search. Your app should be set up as the answer to their questions. This is your call to action. It’s simple and effective.

When the educational process is done correctly, the brand sets itself up as an authority on the subject. The app at this point sells itself—whether it is free or set at a price.

Tip #4: Partnering Promotion

Partnership promotion is another way to get the word out about your app. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through networking with bloggers inside of your niche. Reaching out to these bloggers to write content regarding your app gives your brand visibility on multiple different sites. Backlinking in link building is incredibly important for SEO and building your Google search engine ratings. This makes your app more visible online. Additionally, having authoritative sites within your niche advocating for your application gives your brand authenticity among the niche community.

When it comes to sponsoring a post for a blogger, there are two methods of payment which can be given. Some bloggers will require monetary compensation for their writings. Others, however, will be satisfied with a free copy of your app. If your app is already free, giving the writers bonuses within it or a special edition of the app is an appealing option as well.

This form of payment will be negotiable depending on who you were working with as well as the benefit your app can provide to the particular blogger. You can also offer the blogger additional promotion on your social media sites as well. This will give them traffic as well as boosting your own online presence.


Tip #5: Automated Systems

On the more technical side of things, implementing an automated system in your marketing strategy will exponentially help and your promotional efforts. If you choose to generate content like a vlog or a blog, implementing a social media content scheduling tool will help you generate consistency in your social media presence. While it is up to you as the content creator to generate valuable content which will engage your consumers, the use of these tools will allow you to fill up a queue so you can consistently put out information.

Another use for automated systems is to track how well your app traffic is going based on your marketing strategy. By implementing a data analysis artificial intelligence system, you can track the results of your different marketing campaigns from social media to your landing page. You can see how many clicks you are getting, how many comments you were getting, and how greatly your strategies are influencing your download rates. Information of this nature is a powerful tool because it allows you the opportunity to track what works and what doesn’t as well as implement changes to bring about the most effective strategy for you.

Wrapping Up

These five marketing tips can be geared towards several different products or service apps. Utilizing the power of networking through online traffic is your greatest asset when it comes to promoting your new app. Automated services are excellent for keeping your social media content relevant and consistent. Tracking these implementations will ultimately allow you to hold the best marketing strategy for your specific app.

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