What you shouldn’t do with your blog?

Probably, everybody has already heard about blogs or vlogs at least several times. It is a popular way to share somebody’s life, work, project, ideas, etc., and for a good reason. The main advantage of such communication is suitability to a variety of spheres because it doesn’t matter what you are into, a blog will be perfect for dealing with almost at every situation.

But there is a great delusion related to the topic. A lot of people still think that blogging is a rather easy and effortless activity, in comparison with other professions and jobs. They say something like “You get money for doing nothing. Everybody can sit at the computer and surf the Net.”

You should keep calm. It is normal because they don’t know the details. Writing blogs require a lot of imagination, creativity, perseverance, and patient. A boring article about somebody’s life or project is a real failure so it wouldn’t be attended and you will get nothing.

Start a blog is a quite fast and simple process while making it interesting and correct requires experience and knowledge.

So let’s see some points you shouldn’t do in your articles:

Use wide and complex topics

Complex Topics

The first thing is about the topic of your posts. Right away after they create a blog page, some people try their hands in the large, specific, and complicated subject. A broad problem includes loads of details to write about. As a newbie, it may be challenging and problematic to describe all nuances. The fact that common topics are visited by more people is another dilemma.

Articles oriented on the masses produce less regular audiences while gathering more views. Loyal readers of the blog are the main society you should focus on.

Make it all about You

Readers of the company blogs don’t really care about the writer. They found this info useless because everybody wants something valuable. And stories from the life of other people or talks about their interests are opposite things. Of course, you can add something interesting to you to describe a certain idea. Properly included material can relax visitors and set up an emotional connection.

Write only what you want to read

Don’t write articles you want to read. A blog is not for your reading. It is created to satisfy other people’s needs and interests. For the company, a column must express useful or interesting material for clients and the audience. When you like a certain idea, it doesn’t mean it will be suitable for the company.

So, prepare content for people. If you are writing a blog for an organization, make sure that the topic is relevant and correct.

Lose the structure

Not structuring a blog with headlines, sections, templates, etc. is a bad idea. Humans like to sort out things, organize them, classify it into different groups. The blog is not an exception. Thoughts divided by the big letters, special typography style, colors, paragraphs are much more attractive and give information better and effectively. Prepare the content to be a quick read so that it will be clear from the first sights.

Ignoring pictures

Add Pictures

Even if the text is separated on the sections will headlines, color font, there is still something we have missed. Yes, it is an image. Drawings can help to catch the attention of the visitor at first, bait him to read the text around and the whole article a few moments later. By the way, pictures can be used to memorize material effectively. If there is a brand in a visible space, illustrations make people remember the icon of the firm.

Not adding other visual effects

Similar to the images, they are attractive-catching. Posting a short clip in the blog can diversify the content and add a unique feature. There a lot of styles suitable for such purposes. For example, a cartoon is a popular format that is favored by a lot of people. But creating a branding video can be a bit difficult even though it has a positive influence. So it can be named as the next level after images.

Publishing right after finishing

In the end, before publishing, look through your work, and correct possible mistakes. Doesn’t matter how you are good at writing, you should overlook the article. We are humans, so correct your mistakes.

No plan or goals


You shouldn’t live only today – the future can be harder than today. Soon, it will be harder to find an interesting topic or idea, and you will spend too much time on searches.

So prepare for the possible frustrations.


Blogging is a lovely and worthy experience. So if you want to start but are afraid of suspense, take courage, keep in mind the hints and tell the world about you.

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  1. Thanks for the hint Darvideo. “A blog is not for your reading” this should be followed by all bloggers as one-third of the blogs available online are like that. Once customers are happy with the content we provide we can get visitors back to our blogs.


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