What Can You Expect From the New Development Platform Salesforce DX?

The usual software development has never been an easy one on the Salesforce platform, as the set up requires knowledge, expertise, and specific skills. Even after you hire Salesforce professionals, tracking and managing the procedure includes a vast amount of challenging technical jargons like branching, merging, version control etc. With Salesforce DX, developers can now find the best and easiest solutions to all their development problems related to the Salesforce platform.

Here are some of the facts that you should know about how Salesforce DX is meant to meet all the expectations of developers and admins:

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The New, Improved Command Line Interface

With additional commands incorporated by the new command line interface, there has been a drastic change in the development experience. Availed by the IDE, the new command line interface feature of DX allows the addition of commands to any automated procedures such as deployments, CI (Continuous Integration) and automated build scripts etc. Developers and tech experts hope that the new command line interface will make it easier to integrate data for automated testing in the development procedure. For further details on how the existing commands will get better with Salesforce DX, talk to the experts on various websites like Flosum.com.

Enhancements in Developer Tools

Salesforce DX promises several advancements in the developer tools segment. Developers now have access to the centralized CLI from the IDE itself. Further enhancements in the developer tools involve the application of App Builder and its direct access from the IDE. Also, the metadata included in the development process can be synchronized with the org. The entire procedure is automated and requires no sort of manual work. Salesforce DX is also believed to offer real-time syntax checking, as well as, the availability of every function through the API.

Addressing the Packaging Problem

The motivation behind the announcement of Salesforce DX is to cater to all the specific needs of the developers, enriching the developer experience. This is done by the better organization and management of code and orgs with the help of the latest packaging facilities. One of the challenges that developers used to face earlier in Salesforce development was the absence of code organization through packages like Java and other namespaces. Salesforce DX is hyped to be offering more open source libraries for better code organization along with the management of dependencies.

Reduce Development Life Cycle Period with Scratch Orgs

Salesforce DX has allowed the developers to configure every attribute of the timeline for metadata and the Salesforce code. This can now be done through the scratch orgs, as the development platform has now been made source-driven. On top of that, you can now use the scratch orgs by fixing the time of its expiration according to your wish. The addition of scratch orgs has made it easier for developers to set up their development project by using different editions that come with various preferences and several features.

Concluding Thoughts

Salesforce DX has turned out to be the best solution to all the dev ops problems along with the monitoring of destructive changes. Make sure you are aware of all the aspects of the Salesforce DX in order to make the most of it.

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