6 Tips for Attractive Website Design

Websites don’t succeed solely on the content. They need to be complemented with appealing designs, too, among many other things. The first impression of your website is often determined by its design. 48% of people agree that the design of your website reflects on its credibility more than any other factor.

This means that having an attractive website design is very crucial in making a positive impact. Learn how to make your site not only appealing but also functional with the few tips below. You can also borrow a leaf from these Wix website design examples. Bear in mind that this delicate matter is of crucial importance for your success, so if you aren’t feeling particularly creative for accomplishing the desired results, reaching out to pros like G Squared web design would be the best call. On the other hand, if you indeed decide to DIY, let’s hop into the most important areas that need to be covered.

6 Tips for Attractive Website Design

Keep it simple

Just because you want your website to be eye-catching doesn’t mean throwing around many visual appeals. Maintain a simple design as it will make it easier for visitors to locate the important things. Besides, getting rid of the superfluous elements will make it will load faster.

When aiming for attractive website design, always prioritize the mantra to design websites with users in mind. This approach emphasizes intuitive navigation, visually appealing layouts, and user-centric content, ensuring your website not only captivates visitors but also provides them with a seamless and engaging online experience.

The Role of Animations in UIUse a complementary color scheme and font

When designing your website, you need to ensure that the colors do align with your business brand. You may not realize it, but colors have different perceptions, according to psychology. Use the same core colors to achieve consistency. Two to three colors are enough to make a hit with your audience.

The text, in particular its typography, also plays a huge role. Use a legible font that matches the rest of the website design.

Only add the necessary elements

Visually appealing elements make your website attractive. It is, therefore, easy to have a plethora of elements on your website as you try to make it engaging. In the end, your site will be cluttered, making it confusing to the visitors.

Only integrate your website with relevant interactive and functional elements. The call-to-action button, for instance, should be able to lead the visitor to a different page.

Use the right imagery

Images add balance and charm to your content. Besides, they are an easy way to break texts. Adding meaningless images, however, will serve the opposite purpose. You need to pick the right images i.e., photos of your team or products.

The photos need to be fitting and also authentic to give your site credibility.

Images are very powerful, so don’t overuse them. Avoid complicated animations and stock images in the design. You can always use Adobe to help with searching and manipulating images.

Make it easy to navigate around

Navigation is a pivotal element in any website. Think of it as a map that guides visitors around your website. Implement an organized navigation interface to make it easier for visitors to find what they are after. Your website may precisely have what a user is after, but if they can’t find it, they’ll close that tab and move on.

Make website easy to navigate aroundRemember to keep it mobile-friendly

Most people forget that users might want to access the same site using their mobile devices. If you want to keep your visitors, then you have to optimize your site and make it mobile-friendly. Create a seamless mobile experience because chances are many of your visitors will use their mobile devices to access the site.

Finally, don’t forget to keep testing the website and the overall design on different devices and platforms. Apart from that, you can ask a few people for their opinions on your design and ease of use to improve the visitor experience.



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