The Importance of Customer Reviews and the Best Tool for Handling Them

Did you ever had a great set of reviews on one platform but couldn’t integrate them onto your website? The only thing you could probably do at that moment was to screenshot that and post it, but that doesn’t look professional. Reviews are a big part of your public image and how they perceive you.

When searching for something, people tend to look for it and see what other customers think of a certain business. Having your reviews all in one place from all the platforms you want will give you a better picture in the eyes of the customers! And, it will be easier for them to read them all with just one scroll!

That’s why you need Trustindex -it is a simple and affordable review management tool. With this little game-changer, you can get reviews from 17 different platforms!

TrustindexBut integrating them into your site doesn’t have to be boring. You can embed them very easily and choose from 13 beautiful review widget layouts and 9 predesigned styles! Yes, what is written in those reviews is important, but the design should be too! The fact that you can choose between 13 layouts and 9 styles of widgets for reviews is something that others can’t compete with, and you will see that!

Trustindex - embed your reviews easily on your websiteAs we just said, what is written is important – that’s why this tool enables you to choose if you want only 4 or 5 stars review on your website. There will always be someone who will find something to complain about that is maybe not related to your business, so it is better to keep those reviews away from customers’ eyes. We all had one of these experiences in our life, didn’t we? So don’t let that ruin your online presence since it can be so easily handled, with the proper reputation management software of course!

Trustindex RatingIn your widgets, you don’t need to have only one platform; you can mix it up! Put one review from Facebook and one from Yelp, another one from Google, be diverse! People will see that you attract different kinds of customers from different platforms and will easily be impressed with your review game!

Trustindex Combine ReviewsAlso, with more platforms, you are giving your customers options to choose from which one they want to put a review from. Maybe someone just doesn’t use Facebook for leaving reviews – maybe they are just using it to play free games.

It is also great that you don’t have to miss any new reviews. That’s why you can set up an email alert to answer them quickly, and if they are positive – include them on your site. Visitors tend to look at how and when did you reply to a review just so that they can see if you are professional and caring about the feedback.

Trustindex - set up an email alertMost customers sometimes worry that maybe the reviews may not be real.

This software checks all the reviews and verifies the real ones. No more wondering from your customers if those reviews are fake from bots or real people like them.

When they see a review from a person that they can relate to, maybe the same business or same problem, and on top of that is verified, that’s when they become your customer and not just a visitor.

And if you want to be simple and clean, you can display all reviews across 17 platforms on your review summary page so that you can build trust with your audience, which is always a good thing. They don’t have to open any more tabs if you provide them with the summary page that will have all the reviews that they need to be astonished by you!

Trustpilot vs Trustindex

Some tools have the same purpose as Trustindex, so we decided to compare them so that you do not have to waste hours and hours doing that! Maybe they also have Trust in their name, but we will show you where to put that trust in!

Trustpilot is a platform where consumers can leave reviews and read other reviews from other consumers. The main differences are that Trustindex has 17 numbers of platforms integrated while Trustpilot only has 1. That is fairly a big difference in regards to reviews. The more platforms you have, the more diverse reviews you get. You want to show off with many reviews from all kinds of platforms so that people can be trustworthy with you.

Trustindex review platformsThe same thing that both of them have is the number of widgets, which is 13 but do not get fooled – on Trustindex, you have 9 styles of widgets while Trustpilot is coming behind with only 1. So that means that you have only 1 style available with Trustpilot, and on top of that, the personalization and animation are available on Trustindex only. If the website’s design is on point, the design of the reviews should be too! Having options to choose from is always a great plus!

In terms of widget settings, both of these platforms support:

  • edit review order,
  • scroll the text in the review box,
  • automatically updated reviews in the widgets.

We can say kudos to both for having automatically updated reviews because doing it manually is so 2000s!

But again, there are some major things that Trustpilot is lacking, but Trustindex is providing.

For example, Trustindex can increase SEO, which is always a good thing if you are looking for organic traffic to your website. It can shorten longer reviews so that one simple review doesn’t take the whole page for itself. Display company name in the widget box is also available on Trustindex as well as:

  • widget link modification for landing pages,
  • shortcode integration,
  • combine multiple businesses, and
  • extensive site builder support.

With all these options available, he has a fair advantage over Trustpilot, without a doubt! Both of them have a professional review tagging system and review filtering and transparent review management in one place.

One more major difference is that Trustindex costs $68 a year with a 30 days money-back guarantee, while Trustpilot is $2388 without the money-back guarantee option! This is a perfect example that more money doesn’t mean more options! Trustindex offers more but costs less! Now you know where to put your trust.

Richplugin vs Trustindex

As for the number of platforms, Richplugin offers a bit more than Trustpilot but still lacks behind Trustindex. It’s hard to compete with Trustindex when it has 17 different platforms while Richplugin has only 7! The same goes for the widget display – Richplugin has 5 number of widget layouts with 1 style option, with no animation option or widget personalization. Once again, Trustindex wins with 13 different layouts and 9 different styles, and it has widget animation and personalization as well.

Now it is safe to say that only Trustindex provides you with a great skill of animation and personalization for your reviews.

Applause to both of them for increasing SEO – as we mentioned before, it is important to have organic traffic to your website, which is done by a great SEO game. Both of them also shorten longer reviews and automatically update the reviews in the widgets as well.

In terms of professional widget settings, they both also offer:

  • Scroll the text in the review box,
  • Shortcode integration, and
  • Combine multiple businesses,

Trustindex really also set the bar high as he also has an edit review order, widget link modification for landing pages, the option to display the company name in the widget box, and extensive site builder support.

In the case of filtering reviews, the Professional review tagging system is only available with Trustindex, while Review filtering is available on both.

Some more things that make Trustindex stand out from its competition are that it also has transparent review management in one place and an automated review invitation system.

Not to forget that they also have email notifications when a new review is posted – we needed to say it one more time. Time management in the review category is very important! Being quick to message back and maybe answer a question will only bring you positive feedback.

Here are some more things that Trustindes has, but Richplugin hasn’t:

  • Review summary page
  • Review verification
  • Review widgets for your email signatures
  • Detailed statistics

We already covered the pricing of Trustindex, which is $65 with a 30-day money-back guarantee, while Richplugin is $85 and only 14 days money-back guarantee. Once again, you gain a lot more for less money.

WP Review Slider Pro vs. Trustindex

Now, these two are pretty similar to each other since both offer more than 10+ integrated sites to pick your reviews from. Since we already established that the previous ones lack in that field.

Trustindex once again wins in the department of Widget styles and layouts. Trustindex has 13 different layouts, and 9 different styles, while WP Review Slider Pro only has 9 templates. Trustindex is simply dominating the field of widget styles and layouts.

The widget personalization on TI is far more customizable than on WP Review Slider Pro. To have a perfect balance of simple and professional, it is indeed better to have a more customizable tool than a one dimensional one.

Both of them can increase SEO, filter reviews, and get an email notification about new reviews.


In the end, we will just quickly once again show the key differences that put Trustindex on the number 1 spot in the review business.

First thing first, none of these can’t stand close to their innovative 17 platforms from where you can get reviews from. The next part is that regarding widget settings and layouts, they offer far more customizable templates, with a lot of freedom to change it and make it your own.

They also check to mark the reviews for real ones so that your customers have full trust in you and your business! And the most important part is that it is much cheaper than others, but it offers more!

So if you are looking for a great review tool that will help you with your business, you can, for sure, put your trust in Trustindex.

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