SYPWAI Operation: Implementation Features

SYPWAI projects implementation features

The SYPWAI startup ( is considered one of the most promising and actively improving AI field projects. After the startup received a development grant, the platform’s growth speed increased significantly. As a result, millions of people from various countries learned about SYPWAI.

The abbreviation means “solve your problem with AI.” This determines the project’s goals, which have already received recognition in the business field from the largest corporations that regularly use SYPWAI’s help.

Why not only experts but also ordinary people work at SYPWAI?

In the main mission implementation process, the project helps millions of interested people earn money and allows them to get to know more about artificial intelligence technologies.

Neural network training consists of two directions: general and special. A wide variety of people is involved in general training. To do this, it is enough to be a right-minded person, able to distinguish a giraffe and a bird in the pictures. The process is like an educational game for toddlers. Therefore, people of different ages, with different education and professional skills can take part in it.

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For special training, you need to be an expert in a specific field. It can be physics, medicine, engineering, chemistry, etc. To participate in special training, a person passes IQ tests and special tests for the professional knowledge level. There is no place for mistakes in artificial intelligence training; testing is severe.

The main thing for SYPWAI is not the growth of the project but the development of companies that turn to the platform for help. The company works for humanity’s benefit, strives to help businesses optimize their work, and increase profits and efficiency.

How does SYPWAI handle requests from third parties?

SYPWAI users work with a huge number of issues every day. For example, they solve sales growth problems, eliminate difficulties and shortcomings of their services, optimize business processes, determine methods for increasing customer loyalty, etc. All this is possible only because the SYPWAI team includes people from various countries who help train neural networks using markup and support the platform.

After SYPWAI receives a client company’s request for a solution to a specific problem, a task based on this request is sent to hundreds of different people who are users and partners of SYPWAI.

Each person in his personal account can take a task that corresponds to his competence, which he confirmed with IQ testing and professional tests. After the required knowledge level is confirmed, the user can do the task. He has a limited period to complete it. After that, the SYPWAI service collects the solutions from all users and analyzes them automatically. The answer that most users have chosen is considered correct. All people who have coped with the task correctly receive a pre-agreed payment.

Why SYPWAI solves problems?

The company purposefully chose a slogan in which it offers a solution to your problems. SYPWAI works for the benefit of all people and does not just increase its awareness and popularity. By integrating intelligent AI services into business processes and analyzing various activities, the potential for production and solutions quality increases, so innovations are closer to us.

SYPWAI employees are proud to help humanity in the progressive development, and the project benefits not only business but also ordinary people.

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  1. SYPWAI is really helpful as it helps reduce manual processes and increase productivity. This will make easy to analysis various activity easily and make a decision effectively.


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