The Easiest Way to Add SSL Certificate to Your Site is With WP Force SSL Plugin

WordPressWordPress Plugins Secure Your Site

Ever saw a “Your Connection is Not Private” while visiting a particular site? Especially if you wanted to buy something there, you probably clicked back immediately. With privacy being a big thing on the internet nowadays, even if you weren’t, this notification likely sent chills down your spine. Whether this notification will or won’t pop…

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Clean Up Your Database in No Time With WP Database Reset

WordPressWordPress Plugins Clean Up WordPress Database

Not everyone gets everything on the first try, especially if they have never done anything similar before. This is quite true for WordPress’ first time users, which are aplenty. It is being one of the most popular blogging platform and the place to have your website on. No wonder many people are opting for a…

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Add Smooth Scroll to Your Site With Easy Smooth Scroll Links Plugin

WordPressWordPress Plugins Ropes

Anyone looking to improve┬átheir website’s Google ranking knows how important it is to get their visitors to stay on their site as long as possible. Everybody knows that Google now uses the time users spend on a website calculates into the math for higher ranking. Still, since the existence of the internet, people have seen…

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