7 Steps to Maximize Your B2B Website’s Lead-Generation Potential in 2023

Generating leads is the most prevalent challenge for over 60% of businesses in the advertising industry. How can your company seize the chance to overcome this difficulty? Keep up with developments in lead generation and utilization of the top organic lead-generating tactics.

Lead generation is persuading your target market to provide you with their contact details. But you can’t just build up this engagement and fostering cycle once and leave it at that. Instead, it’s an approach that must be improved over time. Why? Societal norms and prevailing culture shift annually as consumer tastes and technological developments evolve. As a result, you must modify your lead generation strategies.

Will you boost your B2B website’s lead generation potential in 2023? This post will offer tips on how to apply these tried-and-true B2B lead-generation techniques within your organization.

Discover additional information regarding the top 7 B2B lead-generating steps. Let’s get going!

1.   Invest in Top-notch Hosting

A profitable website needs to put money into top-of-the-line hosting. Even the best layout and material will not be functional if your server is constantly down and it takes longer than five seconds to display a page.

A 99.9% server uptime guarantee from reputable hosting companies ensures visitors can easily navigate your website. Their Content Delivery Network (CDN) may quicken your website by 40% in loading time.

The trustworthy ones also offer robust safety features, including a cheap SSL certificate, periodic backups, a web application firewall (WAF), and a spyware scanner for maintaining your site security.


2.   Analyze your SEO Strategy

If your business uses search engine optimization (SEO), examining your strategy is a must. Wondering why? Google and other similar search engines are constantly changing their operation. This impacts how they prioritize material in search outcomes. For instance, Google announced over ten modifications to its algorithms in 2018. You must remain current with these developments if your company wishes to continue reaping the benefits of SEO.

Additionally, you must take measures if your website does not adhere to the most recent SEO guidelines. You run the danger of jeopardizing the ranking of your website in the SERPs if you don’t evaluate it. Less exposure translates into decreased traffic, which means fewer leads for your company. Consider the following details that help put the worth of SEO in standpoint:

  • Over 30% of all traffic goes to websites that rank first in Google’s search engine outcomes.
  • Search engines are where more than 71% of B2B customers begin with their goods research.
  • The approximate match percentage for search engines is 15% on average. It is 2% for conventional advertising.

By placing the utmost importance on an assessment of your SEO, you can gain an advantage over your rivals and boost the efficacy of your SEO. You can also work with a B2B SEO consultancy to conduct an SEO audit, which usually involves a strategy for correcting any SEO mistakes.

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3.   Deliver Maximum Value With Content Marketing

The adage “content is king” is still relevant today. The source of energy for generating leads is content. Due to this, 46% of companies want to boost their spending on content generation. Why? These are the significant benefits of content marketing, including:

  • Elevate the exposure and knowledge of your brand.
  • Drive visitors to your website naturally.
  • Attract and hold a lead’s interest.
  • Gain the confidence of your audience.
  • Promote interaction with your company and product.
  • Produce more leads.

How does content aid in lead generation? Your target market is indirectly nurtured by it. DemandGen claims that 44% of prospective consumers absorb three to five pieces of information before interacting with a business. In addition, content marketing requires 62% less than outbound advertising and produces threefold more leads.

4.   Optimize your Website’s Utility

User experience (UX) will continue to be given precedence in 2023. If it isn’t intuitive, your website won’t perform to its fullest ability in bringing in visitors, leads, or money for your company. To demonstrate the significance of UX, consider the following:

  • The ROI for evaluating the user experience is $100 for every dollar spent.

That is a significant ROI, and it illustrates how much consumers appreciate an effortless web browsing interface. According to a recent poll, 85% of consumers are willing to pay more for an improved online experience.

Visitors will abandon your website and visit one of the competitors if they have an unpleasant time, whether looking through your goods or emailing your business. Even studies have shown that after a terrible UX, about 89% of users buy from another company. The reaction from customers can render lead generating for your business all but impossible. In 2023, pay more attention to UX to enhance the satisfaction of your visitors.

5.   Consider Influencer Marketing

Influencer advertising has been one of the most rapidly expanding marketing tactics over the past five years. The business-to-business (B2B) sector is moving on to the B2C industry’s anticipation.

  • Influencer marketing proves effective, according to 86% of B2B firms.
  • 70% of B2B organizations stated that influencer marketing increased brand recognition.
  • 56% of respondents claim it enabled them to find fresh leads.

This pattern is evidently here for a while. Working with an individual your audience already recognizes and has confidence in is the appeal of influencer marketing. Additionally, this individual is skilled at producing persuasive material that resonates with their core audience and draws in prospective customers. Thus, if you collaborate with the correct influencer, your brand identity and level of exposure will grow.

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Consider factors other than superficial metrics like the number of followers or number of subscribers when choosing who to collaborate with. Commence by creating a distinct buyer persona instead.

Check the social networking sites your audience often uses, their LinkedIn contacts and the people they follow. Utilize this knowledge to identify the business leaders you should target and the content type that will most appeal to them. This will make it possible for your business to establish fruitful contacts quickly.

6.   Reevaluate your Digital Marketing Strategy

Although most businesses use a variety of digital marketing strategies, including SEO, they often must emphasize more on unifying these strategies. Simply put, even if your business might consist of teams focused on B2B SEO tactics, B2B PPC promotions, and social media techniques, they still must interact with one another. This method leads to a disjointed web marketing plan, which may affect your final outcomes. Because of this, it’s more important than ever for firms to create a combined digital advertising approach.

To execute an integrated strategy that advances customers through the purchase funnel, all your marketing channels—from your online shop to your social media accounts—should work harmoniously. Businesses must take a long-term perspective when examining their digital marketing approach.

Consider what you would like your approach to bring about over the next six months and this month. Choose a long-term objective, such as lead generation, retention of customers, or income, and then leverage your advertising methods to achieve it.

7.   Social Selling

Another efficacious lead-generation tactic for 2023 is social marketing, which involves leveraging social media to expand your sales pipeline and produce prospects. Since you are ultimately marketing to a human, regardless of your field or product, given how crucial social media is to every person’s existence, B2B businesses must use these channels to connect with their customers where they are most engaged.

Organizations prioritizing social selling have a 51% greater chance of exceeding their sales targets. And 78% of B2B organizations that employ social selling outperform those that don’t. Nevertheless, whenever we refer to social marketing, we aren’t talking about bombarding consumers on LinkedIn or Facebook with posts promoting your goods or hyperlinks to Calendly, begging them to schedule demos. Social selling, in contrast, is a long-term endeavor. It entails engaging with customers on social media sites and gaining their confidence and trustworthiness.

The following are the leading examples of social selling:

  • Producing content that solves a dilemma your clients are experiencing.
  • Utilizing a magnet for demand generating that is your social media account.
  • Engaging in social interactions that create business prospects.
  • Observing and interacting with prospective clients.


Any company aiming to expand in 2023 must successfully acquire B2B leads. By combining old and contemporary marketing strategies, your company could appeal to a larger audience and improve its likelihood of attracting potential customers. Utilizing the advice in this blog post is a great place to begin if you want to generate B2B leads in the upcoming year.

Adopt a solution that you can implement within your firm. Depending on your buyer profile, advertising strategy, and corporate objectives, you’ll get an assortment of choices. After that, watch as more prospects are converted, and your business grows.

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