How to Export WooCommerce Orders

WooCommerce is one of the most popular WordPress plugins that seamlessly connect with your existing WordPress site, transforming it into a fully working WordPress e-commerce site in just a few clicks. It comes with basic shop capabilities out of the box, thanks to a free plugin that can be downloaded from the repository or installed directly from your WordPress admin.

WooCommerce provides business owners with an easy-to-use order management solution. There are no built-in solutions for exporting order information, though. You may need to export WooCommerce orders information from time to time, for example, to make it available to dropshipping providers or when relocating your store.

In this post, we will show you how to use a plugin to simply export orders in WooCommerce.

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Here, we are going to going to show you the WooCommerce Order Export plugin. It is a pretty nifty extension that has a whole lot of features and functionality that allows you to export WooCommerce orders from the WooCommerce shop in a variety of different ways. In this article, we will dive deeper into the WooCommerce Order Export plugin and show you the amazing things it can do.

WooCommerce Order Export

This is the main panel where you can choose different options for exporting the data from your shop.

As you can see you get plenty of options where you can choose how to export WooCommerce orders in different types of formats, data ranges, filters, change the formats of your WooCommerce order export, and so on.

Date ranges

The first thing you get on the panel is to look at the dates. With this option, you can choose to export WooCommerce data specifically by customizing the date field. Firstly, you can set a custom date to export orders, but also you get an option where you can find predefined ranges to export data of your orders.

WooCommerce Export Oders date ranges

In this section, you get a list of predefined ranges where you can have WooCommerce orders exports from ranges that are already set for you.

Report format and output

In this tab, you get a chance to change how the data is being formatted in your WooCommerce orders export. You have a variety of fields where you can change your format to fit your liking. For example, you can sort WooCommerce orders by date, and then you can format that date by different standards, or you can change the order of exports as well as field delimiter and so on. Here is the view of how this tab looks

Export new orders only

This is an amazing feature that keeps your WooCommerce orders organized. There are a variety of reasons to only export WooCommerce orders that are fresh and new, but regardless of your motivation, this plugin makes it absurdly simple to do it. This plugin will remember when you have lastly exported your orders and according to that, it will export only the new orders that have been made.

WooCommerce Export Oders export new orders only

The checkbox is quite simple. It simply selects whether this functionality for you is enabled or disabled. When you want to use this feature, make sure this selection is selected if you only want to export fresh orders. The second field determines where the export will begin. After the value in this field, it will begin picking orders.


This is another great feature that allows you to filter your WooCommerce orders by different values. You can literally pick what it is that you want to filter your orders by. For example, you can choose to export WooCommerce orders by the ones that are made only with US dollars or set a specific payment method.

You can as well pick different types of conditions to filter by, and the bonus is that you do not need to remember any of the values, it will automatically populate it with all the values that are in the database. You can also choose these options with products, categories, or coupons.

Fields to export

Then we essentially get to the very main sort of meat of this, which generally is which fields do you want to be exported in your chosen format. You can easily drag and drop and just sort all these things around to truly fit your liking and needs, which is quite significant. As you can essentially see there is a fairly basic grouping here with different options from which you can choose from.

WooCommerce Export Oders fields

Also, there is a metadata option here, which for the most part is a lot of behind-the-scenes data that you can get in a big way. If you have plugins creating a lot of extra data on WooCommerce, you can definitely find it here as well as change it. You can also see that with the simple drag and drop method you can rearrange your fields which helps you keep your data tables consistent.

Preview button

This is the preview button and what this does is very useful. When you press it, it will just bring up the first 25 records that match so you do not have to run a full export. You can just run it and make sure you are getting exactly what you expect and you can see that on your screen. If everything is the way you like, then you can simply go ahead and just run the export.

Scheduled exports

Then we get to what people really like about this plugin, which is scheduling your WooCommerce export orders. So, you can set up as many of these as you want. Sometimes we all generally get caught up in a work and from time-to-time things slip out of our minds such as exporting our orders on time. This option allows you to export WooCommerce orders in scheduled time in a subtle way.

WooCommerce Export Oders scheduled exports

You can choose the title of your export, payment method, set specific delivery details. The important part is that you can see when it was last run and your next run. Also, you get an Actions section where you can edit, delete and clone fairly your scheduled exports, which definitely is fairly significant.


You may export a lot of information with the help of WooCommerce Order Export, including line items, tax rates, discount details, and so on. This plugin can export customer address information, product characteristics, coupons, and more. It also supports a variety of file types, including CSV, TSV, XLS, XML, and JSON.

With this plugin, you may pick which fields to export, rename labels, and reorganize columns at will. Another benefit of this plugin is the ability to export custom fields created on your WooCommerce store. You may also export order data from only a select group of orders and do so much more.

WooCommerce Order Export has been tested on both Windows and Mac and is ideal for fast accessing your WooCommerce data. With WooCommerce’s export function you can quickly access the information and customize it for your liking. We suggest you check it out and test all of the features this plugin offers and let it help you to have a better WooCommerce export order experience.

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