How to Expand Your Business’s Online Presence in a Few Easy Steps

Expanding your online presence is easy to attempt but challenging to do right.  The reason for this is that, with the unlimited choice presented to your company by social media platforms, websites, SEO, video-sharing platforms, and a myriad of other options, it can be nigh on impossible to choose one as a means to expand.

While it is relatively straightforward to create a corporate presence online (you can do as little as start a social media account), expanding it into a more powerful and cohesive entity requires dedication, skill and the determination to persevere with a particular strategy, despite the temptation to diversify.

The challenge that digital expansion presents can be enough to muddy the waters and stop you from making meaningful progress. This can quickly create a negative spiral that detracts from your existing online presence.

However, as long as you understand a few principles and strategies, you will stand a better chance of plotting a meaningful course online and expanding your presence.

Here are a few easy steps to consider.

Outsource your web design to a professional service provider

One of the most powerful changes you can make to expand your online presence is to create a new, purpose-built website for your business.

business website

You may already have a site, but if you are searching for other avenues to expand through, it is unlikely to perform as you would like.

A common problem with building a website for your business is that it bogs down your in-house IT and marketing departments, which are better off focusing on customer-based problems.

To solve this, you could consider a white label website design solution, which outsources your web design project to a professional web design team, alleviating your workload.

Focus on building an audience on one particular platform

While it can be tempting to expand onto a variety of different platforms, this actually defeats the purpose of what you are doing.

Initially, you might think it makes sense to get your brand out there on as many different social media platforms as possible. After all, this would expose your business to a more varied audience and increase the chances of a sale.

However, in reality, this is not how social media algorithms work. You are better off expending what precious energy you have in one particular place.

Research your target market and find out which platform they are most likely to use, then create an account there.

By using your time to post regularly while ensuring content is specific for that medium and audience, you will maximize your chances of building a larger and more responsive audience.

Be consistent with your content posting

One of the most important tenets of online audience cultivation is to be consistent with content posting.

This means you cannot afford to neglect your blog, social media posting, or video content. Doing so will drain your audience count, make your business less searchable, and send the wrong message to your readership.

If you can’t even post every week, what chance do you have of delivering your products and services on time?

Instead, put a clear strategy to ensure quality content is being posted regularly (preferably daily) by a dedicated copywriter or marketing team. It will pay off in the long term when your online presence is far more influential.

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