Email Blast: Best Tips & Practices to Follow in 2020

With the advent of online marketing, it is now important for every business to match up to the latest trends that are following in the market. From the initial phase of online marketing, emails have been one of the significant factors of the digital marketing strategy. In this article, you will gather all the information related to Email Blast as it is considered as the favored method of marketing.

What is an email blast?

An email broadcast is also known as an email blast, wherein you can send a single mail containing your message to a large group of persons, customers, or prospective clients all at once. An email blast is one of the excellent ways to connect with your customers and clients just like a CRM tool is the perfect resource to easily manage your clients’ information. Instead of sending single one to one mail to your contacts, you can ‘blast’ your message so that it can reach lots of people at once.

An e-blast can have updates, exclusive information, promotional message investment opportunities, etc. for the customers. Now, there are certain tips and practices that you can use to widen your customer base and improve the strategy of an email blast. There are a few things that you should have in mind before you frame guidelines for the email strategies.

Top Tips and Practices for Email Blast

In order to make a clear and crisp strategy for your email blast campaign, it is important for the marketers to learn that your emails should not look like a broadcast message to your customer. They must have personalization so that these emails remain in the reading list of the customers. The following listed below are some time tested tips and practices that you can consider.

Set an accurate timing

There are many people who think that the quantity of mails can make a difference. But here you need to understand that more than quantity; the timing of your email blast plays an important role. It is observed that the rate of engagement of customers tends to increase when you send fewer emails.

E-blasts are used to share an important message or new updates with the customers; therefore, it is mandatory that you send them often too.

In such a case, you need to figure out an accurate timing that can help you in realizing your goal. For this, the best practice that you can consider it that you can monitor the statistics. The email blast software will help you in determining how many recipients even open your messages. Statistics can help you in setting an accurate time to blast your messages.

Know what you want

Before preparing the content for your email blast, it will be beneficial for you if you know what results you want after you blast the mail. The results can include many actions such as customers calling your customer service department, download a brochure, visit your new website, check your latest updates, etc. Depending upon the course of their actions, you can begin with an email blast.

If you know what you want your customers to do when they read the message, then you can insert a brief message regarding the same, which is also known as a call to action.

The quick examples of call to action can include, call us now, shop using code, etc.

Keep your brand in focus

You need to understand that customers receive a lot of emails from various companies and businesses. Therefore you need to be sure that among their crowded inbox, your mail should get identified easily. To ensure this, you need to put your brand name or logo in front of the mail.

You can continue to use the same colors, fonts, logos, and other factors that make your brand name distinct. It will be for the customers to identify your mail when they see consistent use of elements that define you as a brand. If you do not have any specific brand element, then you can take help from a graphic designer. He can help you in providing unique brand elements that you can use in an email blast.

In addition, make sure that you’re using a trustworthy sender address. Ideally, you should have your own dedicated business email address to send messages from. Most email marketing platforms allow you to customize the sender address that will be displayed in people’s inboxes. That way, they’ll be able to recognize your business instantly.

Work on the tone

While framing the content of your email blast, it is important that you know your target audience. This will help you in maintaining an effective tone throughout your email. You need to consider who is going to be the reader of your email. Unless you are unable to figure out this, it can be a challenging task to have a successful email blast campaign

To understand this clearly, let us look at an example, if you want to blast emails to the CEOs of the multi-national company, then the tone of your message will be different from a message that you want to send to the group of students. For some marketers, acknowledging the difference in tone is easy, but most of the time, the end of ignoring this important practice.

Keep it precise

Reading long paragraphs can be daunting for your customers. Therefore it is suggested that you should frame a message that is short and precise. Ensure that the readers do not face any difficulty in reading the message too. The vocabulary of the message should be easy to understand.

In order to create short sentences that are able to explain what you are trying to communicate, you can use samples of email blasts. You can take help from these examples and frame a message that is able to display in one screen so that the recipient does not have to scroll much to understand what exactly you are saying.

Use pictures

It is a well-known fact that people understand things better when they are exposed to images and graphics instead of long text. The same practice applies to email blasts as well.

You should insert images instead of long text. Make sure that the images that you use are relevant to the message; otherwise, it can totally break the game.

Do not forget to put images that are small in size. Longer waiting times can annoy the recipient. When it comes to the presentation of the email, it should include a proper balance of text and images. Keeping these small details in mind while framing the content can help you in winning the email blast campaign.

Test it

After you are with the content of the email blast, it is suggested that you should always test it with a small group of people who can give you a suggestion about it. It is a safe tip to avoid any technical error. You would not want a large group of your customers to receive a blank mail from your side.

Therefore to neglect such situations, it is always recommended that you test your emails before blasting it. It will help you in realizing if any changes are to be made. Also, you will have a chance to ask yourself whether you would personally like such an email. It will open room for improvements, which is always great to explore.

Some final words

Well, these are some tips and practices that you can consider before making plans for the next email blast. These will surely be going to improve your engagement rates if you include them in your digital marketing plan.

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