Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Review

What happens if you have a website almost ready to go, but there are still some important details you need to finish? Or you are looking to rebrand your website, but you don’t want to shut down your site completely. In times like that, it would be cool to have a coming soon plugin, but not just a boring one. Luckily for us, the Coming Soon & Maintenance mode plugin is just the right guy.

It has everything you need to create an astonishing coming soon website, but that is just scratching the surface. There is a lot more to this little fellow, so let’s dive in.

About this plugin

There is no reason to waste your time anymore on complicated plugins when this little gem exists. It comes with all the features you need to create an amazing coming soon website, and on top of that, it is easy to use.

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, that’s why this plugin has over 2 million pictures that are waiting for you to use them, and not to forget, it has built-in Instagram inspired filters.

But the best part is that it has over 170 impressive themes, which are easy to customize to your brand. With this option available, you will have your page looking effortless in no time.

There is also no need to panic if you have clients that need to enter the site while you are working on it because this plugin got you covered. With the secret access link, your clients will be able to use the site while you focus on renovating it.

SEO is always important, even from day one. Coming soon plugin will provide you with checks and guidelines that will help you be the first in the search results.

Now, let’s dive even deeper into this plugin.


The dashboard interface is the first thing that gives you the feeling that you chose the right plugin. It is simple, easy to use, and on top of it all, it gives great statistic feedback. You can see from which countries you get the most visitors, what devices they use, and what browsers. This is all great for your monthly or yearly overview of traffic.

For first time users, it’s beneficial to know that all the most important and frequently asked questions are answered on the dashboard. They are no more searching around to find a solution.

This is what the dashboard looks like, just an FYI, there are a lot more questions answered, but I didn’t want to spoil it here.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode DashboardSEO

It is important to have your SEO game on point from day one.

With some smart moves and the help of this little helper, we don’t doubt that you will rock the Google search. It has an SEO snippet overview, where you can see what it will look like, SEO Analysis to help you fix problems with your target words, like, that Target keyword does not appear in the page meta description. It also runs over 20 tests of your SEO, and it provides bits of advice that you can use to improve.

What is also included:

  • Exclude search engines – which shows the normal site to search engines – even if the coming soon is active
  • Blocks search engines – when blocked, it sends 503 services unavailable as a respond
  • Google Analytics tracking ID – you can track your site
  • Facebook page URL – for better social network integration and metadata
  • Twitter @username – for better social network integration and metadata

There is a lot more that this hero provides, and you can be sure that it is always in your corner.


The fact that you can have your coming soon site with this tool in a matter of minutes is just amazing.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode ThemesThis is just a preview of a template that you can use for your site. As you can see, you can add a countdown to it, so that your visitors are informed when you will be online again, and they can subscribe with their email to be notified about it.

You can, of course, edit it however you like, change the picture, font, color, whatever your heart desires, the possibilities are endless.

There is no need to scroll through the catalog to find the perfect template for your brand, just enter the keyword, and they will pop out.

There are 170+ themes for every type of business. Most of them have been created by implementing the user’s feedback so that no matter what project, brand, or niche you are starting with, this plugin has something for you.

You can also activate the theme to see how it looks like. There is a preview button so you can be 100% sure that the theme you choose is the right one.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode ThemesDesign

That this plugin is not multifunctional is an understatement at its finest. The design tab is so simple to use that you will love it at first sight. It has ten modules that can be completely customized, and you can easily add them by drag & drop. It has only the features you need, and the plus side is that you don’t need HTML, CSS, or to read a manual; it is that simple.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode LayoutOn the left side, you have the page layout, where you can see modules currently on your site, and on the right side, modules that are available to use.

If you are creating a more powerful site that needs some features that this plugin does not have, you can use any other page builder you like, like, Elementor.

You can do that because it allows you to build a page in any editor you like, and just simply pick that page to be your coming soon page.

There are 47 amazing content animations that will for sure help you grab readers’ attention. They only play once when the content is fully loaded. It is simple to use, just like other options with the drag & drop move.

License Manager

Creating and managing licenses with this tool is a real life-saver, and people who already have managed multiple clients know this very well.

This part of the tool is a great way to take the burden off your shoulders and assist you.

To manage everything licenses related is just one click away on the dashboard. You can handle everything from there.

You can manage and create as many as you wish licenses, and you can create keyless ones that are domain activated, which means that you don’t need a key to activate it.

The cool thing about creating licenses that are domain activated is that your client can’t share it, even if he wanted to. It is only active for their site.

If you decide on the key option, you can choose how many sites the key can be activated, and till when is it valid.

Also, you can enable per-license features configuration like extra templates, expiry date, and the white-label option. No worries, you can disable sites and licenses as needed.

Some important thing to know:

  • you don’t have to use this, your master license key will work forever
  • this comes as part of the Agency license, and you do not have to pay more to have this
  • your clients will not see any changes you make

Remote control all sites

Now, what if you have more sites, and you need to put one of them to coming soon mode? And you want to publish another one instantly? There is no need to log in separately when you have this hero. You can enable or disable the coming soon mode on whichever site you want with just one click, and the same goes with synchronizing the data.

Also, no need to worry about your clients entering your website when is in this mode. You can give them a secret access link that will give them the option to enter your site, or you can put their IP in the IP Whitelisting, and they will be able to log in to the “normal” site.

How to Remotely Control your Coming Soon PagesBranding

If you work in an agency and have a lot of clients, you can easily rebrand this tool and sell it as yours. It sounds like a joke, but it is not!

What you need to do to make it your own is:

  • ¬†change the name of the plugin and the description
  • upload your logo
  • change colors
  • remove all WebFactory branding, visuals, name, etc
  • modify the plugins CSS

It takes less time than creating a plugin from scratch. When you customized all of this, your customers will think that you created a plugin just for them, which will create a better professional bond between you and them.

Also available

Subscribe from

Every site owner wants their business to have an amazing email list. And the hardest part is getting the right one to subscribe.  This tool just keeps on giving. You can create your subscriber form right from the dashboard and grow your email list in no time!

Desing your social icons

Social media is just as important as the website. If they like your service or product, they will indeed follow your socials. So its always good to have them on your page, and with this tool, you can edit them how you want. From Icon size, color, URL to the image, everything can be customized.


It is always important to have the right guys by your side if anything unusual happens. The team behind this amazing plugin offers support to their clients, and you have the support from right on your dashboard. They will get back to you ASAP, and the only thing you need to do is fill up the build-in form.


This handsome devil has been the home for over a thousand users, it is tested and tried plugin, and you don’t need to worry that you will get the beta version.

It has everything you need to create the coming soon page that you envisioned, and you won’t be spending hours creating it. From creating amazing visuals, rebranding the plugin to your own, to remote controlling all the sites from one dashboard is simply the best.

It is worth every penny you spent, and the support team of this plugin is always ready to help you in case of a problem.



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