The Best SEO Tools the Pros Really Use in 2020

Optimizing a website without SEO tools is like sailing an ocean without a boat. You need a sound SEO strategy and tools to set up, measure, and improve your efforts to succeed in a competitive environment where attracting customers’ attention is overly tricky.

If you want to increase your organic traffic dramatically, use SEO tools that industry leaders recommend and use to dominate the search rankings. I am going to highlight the best SEO tools marketing gurus would be using in 2020 and beyond.

SEO processes such as keyword research, rank tracking, and link analysis are too time-consuming and challenging without the right tools. When I decided to employ SEO tools to improve my search rankings, I was literally overwhelmed by too many choices. After struggling for a while, I figured out that the best approach is to stick with the trusted tools in the market, tools that pros are relying on.

It’s a mistake not to pay for tools that can bring you a lot of organic traffic. While Google Search Console and Google Analytics are a couple of must-have tools, investing in a few specialty SEO tools can make all the difference.

Best All-in-One SEO Toolkit: SEMrush

SEMrush has been one of the favorite SEO tools of leading digital marketing professionals for many years. When it comes to finding an all-in-one SEO toolkit, you can’t afford to miss SEMrush.

What does make SEMrush so incredible and comprehensive SEO tool?

With over 40 tools for SEO, social media management advertising, content, and competitive research, SEMrush offers a single platform where most of your SEO problems are thoroughly addressed. From building links and generating SEO insights to promoting your content on social media, SEMrush manages almost every aspect of your website’s online visibility.

When you use SEMrush in combination with other essential tools like Google’s Search Console, nothing can stop you from ranking higher for nearly any keyword. SEMrush enables you to perform competitive keyword analysis to find out what keywords your competitors are ranking for.

Most marketers and SEO specialists don’t optimize for any keyword without conducting their due diligence with SEMrush. The free version of the tool provides limited features and usage. However, the paid version of SEMrush unlocks an unlimited number of opportunities to increase organic traffic.

If you want to step up your SEO game sustainably, SEMrush is probably the best tool you should be investing in. Read a thorough SEMrush review to learn more about the tool and how it can help you grow your business. SEMrush is offering a 30-day free trial to let users experience this incredible all-in-one SEO toolkit first-hand.

Best SEO Plugin for WordPress: Yoast

Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most valuable and widely popular tools pros use to optimize their WordPress sites on the go. Whether you’re managing WordPress sites for your clients or run a personal blog, Yoast is a powerful tool that makes it super easy for you to update various on-site elements such as page titles and descriptions.

If you hardly know anything about SEO or how to increase organic traffic and you run a WordPress site, Yoast SEO plugin will be your best friend that will help you optimize your site for search engines with great ease. All you have to do is install the Yoast SEO extension or plugin and follow the instructions. While it’s not practical to expect your WordPress site to achieve top search rankings within a matter of a few weeks, tools like Yoast improve your chances to rank.

Yoast plugin can be installed on any self-hosted WordPress site. The free version offers most of the essential functions, which means you don’t have to buy a premium Yoast SEO extension. If you don’t have Yoast SEO plugin already installed and set up on your WordPress site, take some time to do it now.

Google Search Console

Previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console can be used for pretty much everything. It is a combination of various tools and resources to help you understand, improve, and maintain your presence in Google search results.

Ask any reputable marketer and they will tell you how valuable and essential it is to have Google Search Console in your SEO tools. Whether you’re a business owner or marketer, Search Console will guide you through online success.

It’s not mandatory to sign up for Search Console to claim your position in the search results, but Search Console will help you understand how Google sees your site so that you optimize your site with a clear direction in your mind. Search Console enables you to:

  • Diagnose almost everything about your site
  • Address what your site is lacking or struggling with
  • Find out whether or not Google can access your content
  • Resolve indexing issues and request re-indexing
  • Find out how often your site appears in Google Search
  • Get notifications when your site faces spam or indexing issues

If your goal is to maintain good standing with Google, make sure to add Search Console to your existing SEO tools.

LSI Keyword Generator: LSIGraph

Search engines use LSI keywords to determine the relevance and quality of content on a web page. When you create a piece of digitally consumed content, make sure you’re creating relevant content using relevant keywords. LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are semantically linked to your main keywords.

When it comes to finding the right LSI keywords for your business, LSIGraph comes handy. With the database of over 22 million keywords, LSIGraph is one of the best SEO tools for pros as well as for newbies to generate valuable LSI keywords. The premium version also provides insights into keyword search volume, competition, and cost per click (CPC).


Ubersuggest is another great SEO tool that is developed to help website owners get higher search rankings. You can use this tool to see the search volume of any keyword in any language. You can also examine a keyword in terms of popularity and seasonability.

Do you want to miss a tool that provides real-time performance evaluation for any keyword for free? If no, start using Ubersuggest to upgrade your keyword and content strategy.

Ubersuggest employs the same algorithms that the search engines use to make keyword suggestions. One of the best features of Ubersuggest is that it gives you insights into strategies that are working for others in your industry. You can simply adopt those strategies and even improve them to stay ahead of the curve.

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  1. SEMrush has been one of the favorite SEO tools of leading digital marketing professionals for many years. When it comes to finding an all-in-one SEO toolkit, you can’t afford to miss SEMrush.


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