10 Tips To Make your Twitter Profile More Attractive

If social networking is the buzz world in your life, then all the action for you is centered on Twitter. Twitter is where you can find friends, mates, professional contacts, or even future husbands and wives. But all this is going to happen if your profile looks interesting enough for people to be hooked on to. Below are 10 tips to try while getting your Twitter profile followed and thronged upon. Find some of the useful profile DP Whatsapp images also.

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1 – Start with an attractive handle

A handle is what carries your name and your profile over the Twitter network, and this is what will get you noticed. Most times the handle which is a simple interpretation of your name would be already taken. This is not a shame, but an opportunity, wherein you can use your creativity to come up with a trendy looking, reflecting handle name.

Make your Twitter Profile More Attractive

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2 – Have a complete profile on there

If you want to get noticed, stop being lazy on Twitter and fill that profile up with as much details as you can. A search on Twitter by any user will be driven around keywords, and you would want as many of them on there on your profile.


3 – Back it up with a link

A profile is just a start for a viewer to know you. The hard truth on Twitter is that if you have no link following the nicest looking profile you might have on, it will simply be overlooked. Back it up with a link to your website, Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile etc.


4 – A Photo Speaks Louder Than Words

A text and keyword laden profile is all nice, but include a nice photo in your profile, to put faces to names for your viewers. While at it, try and use a nice click of your own, and not a spammed cartoon. This would provide that touch of seriousness and anti-spam features to your profile. You can try for so many best sites for free stock photos also on which you may find right images.


5 – Robot followers are a Strict NO-NO

If you have been tempted into trying one of those Twitter following robot products over the web, fall back as these aren’t real Twitter followers, and will do no good to your online popularity.


6 – Trust the Experts, and follow them ardently

Every niche of work or play in the world has experts and stalwarts, and more than often, they have profiles over Twitter. Look for an icon in your field of working and follow them to get into the attention of the seeking audience. This improves your reputation and enhances your chances of being found.

7 – Do away with frequent marketing

Use Twitter as a platform to socialize and marketing will take care of itself. Do not be those nagging self bragging profile promoters, and give your audience an ear for their views as well.


8 – Hashtags to go please

Getting your content interesting is the starting; you would also need to market it well over the internet. Using hashtags is the way to go here and would ensure maximum viewing over the web.


9 – Get Some Good Karma

While on Twitter, do not just be self involved but also promote and retweet the contents of others, and the good karma shall come to you.


10 – Use batter background images

Nothing works better in reflecting your profile in attractive colors, but a great ideal twitter background image size make it more attractive. Search for a nice toned background, and spice up the appeal of your profile.

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