ZNetLive WordPress Hosting Review – Things that I Like

Choosing a right WordPress hosting is must for every blogger because it is key to the success of their blogs. Hosting your WordPress blog/website with a good provider ensures that it always remains “up” in high traffics and that you face no technical issues.

I’ve had experience of dealing with quite a few web hosts so I make it a point to share good hosting companies with my readers who might want to buy hosting for their blogs/ websites or shift from their current service provider to get better plans, services and support.

A few days back, I was searching some big names in web hosting, especially to host the WordPress blogs, and came across ZNetLive which is very rapidly growing as a brand known for best WordPress hosting services.

There are many impressive qualities in their services that are specially designed for the better performance of WordPress websites and blogs. The features are very splendid and remarkable and their pricing structure is also highly economical.

Pricing is always a huge factor in making decision and I can safely say that ZNetLive’s WordPress hosting offers really good value for money. It is among from the best hosting provider in India also.

ZNetLive’s WordPress Hosting plan has good features

  • Only at ZNetLive, WordPress comes auto-installed on website.As soon as the order is placed, the WordPress website is live.
  • Free 30 days WordPress trial so that you can, bloggers like us, first hand test how the quality of service is.
  • 20 GB SSD disk space which no one offers at such an affordable cost.
  • Comes with unlimited Business Email ID’s.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Hosts up to 3 websites/blogs in single basic plan.

As you know, SSD powered WordPress hosting is best for better performance of our websites and blazing fast website loading speeds, this is the biggest factor I liked in ZNetLive’s WordPress web hosting services.

Multiple Free Services included with WordPress Hosting:

Another good thing is that ZNetLive offers a complete package for bloggers like us with their already cheap WordPress Hosting. The following services are available for free:

  • One .website domain name.
  • One SSL certificate.
    • Google AdWords Credit worth Rs. 2500.

    Additionally, their malware scanning service make our website more secure from hackers or attackers which is extremely important to make our important data and files more secure.

    High on Technology:

    ZNetLive uses pretty advanced technologies to ensure that WordPress websites run smooth like NGINX architecture, optimized WP configuration, auto core updates and daily backups. We also get FTP access to WordPress files.

    Also, ZNetLive provides 24/7 customer support by all possible mediums like telephone, email and live chat for any query and after sales issues.

    Friends, I will clearly say that now it’s perfect time to change our service providers and get something better to host our WordPress sites. Because apart from features and pricing, faster loading of websites and getting own Business Email IDs are also of very high importance if we want to make an established online identities for ourselves.

    I would highly recommend to go for WordPress hosting with ZNetLive, because you are in a win-win situation with such great features and adding to it, you can try it free for 30 days, test it thoroughly and then reap the maximum benefits.

    Have you had experience of hosting with ZNetLive? Do you know any better WordPress Hosting providers?

    Please let me know in the comments section below.

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