Maximize local visibility: QR Codes for Google Business Profile reviews

When it comes to attracting new customers to a local business, customer reviews can be game-changing. Importantly, before working with a business, most people look at their online reviews. In a way, your existing customers can be your biggest brand ambassadors.

But, unfortunately, many customers don’t go out of their way to review a business online. You’ll either have to nudge them, offer an incentive, or use other marketing tactics to get a review out of most of them. In this article, we’ll tell you:

  • How to get more reviews on your Google Business Profile
  • How Google reviews effect your local SEO
  • How to create a QR code that leads to your Google reviews page
  • Which marketing tactics you can use to promote this QR code

Let’s dive in.

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Importance of Google reviews in local SEO

Your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) reviews impact your business’s local SEO on the search engine. Here’s why Google My Business reviews are so important:

Build trust and credibility

People trust businesses that have a fair number of positive reviews on Google. A comprehensive positive review from an actual customer can be game-changer in converting a confused prospect.

Highlighting important keywords

Google My Business reviews matter a lot in local SEO because they provide the search engine with valuable information and keywords. When writing a review, customers tend to use words and sentencess that can help Google rank your service for relevant keywords. For instance, let’s say you offer a plumbing service in Birmingham. A customer review like this signals that you’re located in Birmigham, which can help your local SEO: “One of the best plumbing services in Birmingham”.

Improved local pack listings

Google’s local map pack is a set of top three local search results for a specific search query. For instance, here’s a map pack for the keyword “Best plumbing services in Birmingham”:

Reviews can indirectly help you rank on one of these search results and get more customers from search.


How do QR Codes work?

QR stands for “Quick Response”. A QR code is a rectangle-shaped symbol that doesn’t make sense to the naked eye. When scanned by a mobile phone scanner, a QR code leads to a specific digital asset, such as a website, an app, or a Google reviews page. The technology makes it easy for consumers to access digital information or destinations conveniently.

Benefits of using QR Codes for Google Business Profile reviews

As previously mentioned, online reviews are a powerful marketing tool. But, they’re not easy to get. Creating a QR code that leads to your Google Business Profile’s reviews page has the following benefits.

Convenience for customers

QR codes are meant to streamline customer experience. They make accessing digital information easier. So, to land on your Google My Business review page, all a customer has to do is point their camera at your QR code.

Increased review volume

More reviews from happy customers means more trust and credibility in your industry. This signals that you have a legitimate business that helps users with quality services, which can help your local SEO. Since a QR code makes the whole review process much more convenient, you get more reviews from happy customers.

How to Create QR Code for Google Reviews

Now that we’ve established that a QR code helps you get more Google reviews and boosts your local SEO, let’s discuss how to create QR code.

Copy Your Google Business review page link

Start by going to your Google My Business profile (now Google Business Profile) and find your review page. You’ll have to copy and paste this link into a QR code generator of your choice in the next step.

Create QR Code with an online tool

Pick a QR code generator like service.

Register for a free personal account and create your company profile.

You can now attract Google reviews by sharing this QR code with your customers and improve your local SEO.

Customize the QR Code

QR code customization isn’t a critical factor when it comes to getting Google reviews for local SEO. However, it can help you make your QR code appear more appealing. However, note that not all mobile phones or apps have the feature to scan colored QR codes.

Test the QR Code

Lastly, test your QR code on multiple devices, especially if you’re customizing it. Only a functional QR code can help you get Google reviews and boost your local SEO.

Promote your QR Code for Google reviews and local SEO

Once you have a QR code that leads to your Google reviews page, it’s time to market it to the right people.

Offer incentives

Not all of your happy customers will leave a review on your Google reviews page and help your local SEO. You might have to remind some of them and offer an attractive incentive to others. This could be anything like a discount on their next purchase.

Highlight the QR Code on your marketing materials

Get your QR code noticed by adding it to your marketing materials, such as:

  • Brochure
  • Flyer
  • Physical business card
  • Service van
  • Uniform
  • And maybe more

If you’re doing e-commerce, consider adding your QR code for Google reviews and local SEO on your shipping package.

Provide top-notch services

This might be the most obvious way to get more people to scan your Google reviews QR code. But, it’s also the most important one. You need to offer top-notch services and customers support to confidently share your QR code with customers.

Create QR Code for Google reviews and local SEO: Conclusion

Google reviews are an important aspect of local SEO. The search engine looks at how your business is perceived by the customers before ranking you on top. However, getting good Google reviews can be an uphill battle because most customers don’t do it on their own. The best way to ensure maximum number of Google reviews for a local SEO boost is by making the process easier for them.

A QR code generator like Business QR Code helps you create powerful QR codes and business cards for your Google reviews page. The best part is it directs the right customers to your Google reviews page. Here’s how it works:

  • You promote the QR code generator with Business QR Code
  • Someone scans it to review your business
  • The service asks for a private feedback to ensure it’s positive
  • If it is, the customer is redirected to your Google My Business reviews page

A higher number of reviews almost always translate into a better local SEO standing. Get more positive reviews on Google My Business and boost your local SEO with Business QR Code.


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