How Web Servers Works and the Importance of Location

What is Server? – Before going into the topic of how web servers work and the importance of its location, it is important that you understand what is server. If I will put it in simple words then it comes like this, “A server can be a large computer placed on a remote geographic area which passes the information and handles data storage on a very large level. It is capable to pass data and information to multiple systems and various electronic devices like tablet or desktop computer, terminal and mac machine with cell phone or any other portable device.

What is web server? – A server can be in the form of anything-it can be a computer, any software or hard disk. There can be more than one type of servers. But here we are concentrating mainly on Web Servers.

How Web Server works ? 

Web Servers are computers that send saved files and required information in the form of web pages to web users. Web Servers help in running your website or blog. When you are borrowing the hosting services of any provider then fundamentally you are asking the host to provide space to you on the Server. More formally it is called as web space.

Basically all machines which are connected with internet are of two types- either it will be a client or server. Such machines which provide information and services to other machines are called servers. Those which request for those services are called as client machines.

An excellent example of how a web server works is of a commercial intranet working in a company where various employees work from their individual system without any storage system or hard disk. Software files are stored on the main server of the company and when the employees work, files are generated and delivered to them during the process.

That Server machine can be located anywhere- either in the local office, branch office, head office, any different city, state or country.

How Web Servers Works

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Importance of  server Location

When it comes to how fast and speedily your website or blogs loads and opens in your browser then the location of the Servers is very important. Location of the Server machine does make a difference.

No way can you ignore the location of the server. When you go on a website or blog and it takes too much time then how do you feel? Don’t you get bored and finally end up leaving it? The same thing applies to the people and crowd coming to your website or blog. Therefore it is very necessary that your website or blog loads quickly. Slow loading can affect a lot to the future prospects of your business.

So the bottom line is that location of the server is very crucial and important. The potential visitors on your website or blogs post may not be further interested in it if there firsthand experience is not good. As a user even you will not like to go on such a website which loads very slowly.

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