How to Spy on Facebook Social Activities?

Everyone these days are using social media apps on their cell phones connected to the internet. Instant messaging apps are free communication services that allow every individual user to connect with friends, family members, and strangers online.

The user doesn’t have to spend a single penny to use the social messaging apps platforms. You can use the instant messenger’s communication services and can contact other users online. If you have a digital phone with a stable internet connection and you have created a particular social media app account.

Then you can do a number of activities to get entertained, spend most of your time and to share your feelings and thoughts to the fullest. Facebook instant messenger is one of those online media platforms where millions of people connect with each other.

It enables the user to create their own simple page in order to share text, images, conversations audios, and videos recordings as well. The user can also follow other pages and you can also view posts on Facebook messenger. Moreover, the user can share videos, photos, images, and Gifs. However, you can share links and URLs on Facebook wall.

All these activities are very fascinating especially for young teenagers and they do it all day long. But parents are very concerned about teens and kids Facebook activities and they want to spy on Facebook social activities. But they have to have a Facebook spy app to monitor Facebook activities.

How to spy on the Facebook social media app?

If you are parents and you want to monitor teens social activities on Facebook and you feel helpless to do so. Then you should visit the official website of the cell phone spy app. Once you have visited it, and then subscribe for mobile phone spy app. Then you will receive credentials such as passcode and ID on your email address.

Now get the physical access on your teen’s cell phone or gadget. Start the installation process abruptly and once you have ended up with it activate the phone spy app on the target device of your children. Instantly you will see a pop –up on the target device screen that empowers you to hide the cell phone monitoring software icon for secret monitoring.

Choose your best option and then you need to use the credentials and get access to the online control panel. Once you have the access to the dashboard you can visit the spy app features for mobile phone. You need to use the features that allow you and empower you to get access to the target cell phone device remotely and track Facebook effectively. Let’s use Facebook tracking features powered by phone monitoring app.

Cellphone spy app tools to spy on Facebook messenger

Cellphone spy app tools to spy on Facebook messengerYou can track each and every single social activity happens on Facebook social networking app running on your teen’s smartphones and gadgets. There are following features that can effectively let you get access to the Facebook social activities in real –time.

IM’s Social Media

The user can remotely get access to the target cell phone device and can view the logs of the instant messaging app activated. The user can view the Facebook logs such as direct messages, multimedia shared on Facebook as photos, videos, images, and Gifs. Moreover, the user can know the shared links and URLs on the Facebook posting wall.

Live Facebook Screen recording

Live Facebook Screen recordingThe user can perform live screen recording on the teen’s cell phone screen and can record the short back to back videos of the Facebook social activities of teens. Moreover, the recorded videos can be viewed as getting access to the dashboard of the cell phone tracking app. Then parents can view all the activities of teens on the social media app in real –time and with documented proofs.


You can get access to the keystrokes applied on the target device installed instant messaging app Facebook. The user can get password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes and direct messages keystrokes of Facebook. Once you have it you can get access to the teen’s Facebook account and can view whatever you want.


Best Cell phone monitoring software is the ultimate tool to spy on the Facebook social media and you can view the social activities of teens on the instant messenger with a time stamp.

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