How to Perfectly Pitch Your Guest Post?

Before understanding how to perfectly pitch your guest post, you must understand what actually a guest post is. A guest post is basically when you publish your writings or articles in another person’s blog. A really good guest post in a famous blog will help you with more readers and followers. Guest post is a really good idea to get your blog number of readers and followers in a very short span of time. Here are some techniques to perfectly pitch your guest post:

Get an idea about the blog that you are planning to write in

Image:- Example of Personal Blog

The best way to perfectly pitch your guest post is to know about the blog you are writing in. Read their articles and analyze the content. Understand about the content they prefer and the kind of language used in the post. This will help you to build your guest post according to the preferences and expectation of the blogger. Finding of the blogger, his preferences and likings will help you to provide the kind of content the former is looking. Make sure that your content matches the theme of the blog; you can’t just go and write about the advancement of rocket sciences in a blog which focuses on social issues. It doesn’t work that way.

Know your topic

It is always wise and good that you choose a topic that really interests you because that will help you to provide with good content. Your passion will help you to put in great work. Make sure that you know about the topic well enough to provide quality content. Don’t bluff around just to reach the word limit. Choosing a topic which is familiar to will help you with more content using less effort.

Plan how to write

To perfectly pitch your guest post, you need to make sure that it is structured and in order. No one wants to read a disorganized post and create more confusion. In order to achieve order, you must plan in advance what you are going to write, how you are going to write. Make sure that you know what comes first, second and last. Follow the order to create uniformity and consistency in the content that you provide. Do all the research that you can so that you provide good and useful content.

It is the quality that matters not quantity.

You can write an infinite number of words about a particular topic but if it lacks quality then your guest post is not going to be accepted. Be precise and clear about what you write. Use good and simple English which can reach to the minds of the readers and let them understand things better. Don’t go away from the topic; be concrete about what you are writing. To perfectly pitch your guest post then it should have some standards that qualify for a good post. Make sure you are using the correct spelling and grammar; be extra sure with words and context you are using it in. Let this be clear, it is the quality and not the quantity that matters. If you feel that you are done then end it, do write so much to provide long content.

Editing is important

It is not necessary that what you write in the beginning will be your final content. You have to read everything many times to make sure that you have got it right. Editing is an important process where you modify and develop your content. It actually increases your chance of getting the post selected for the blog post. Overall it will help you to boost your domain authority.

It’s okay to think out of the box

Sometimes you have this brilliant idea about what to write and how to write but you feel like it is out of the box. I would suggest that you should go ahead with that because many a time it is these out of the box topics that provide with more readers. It creates a variety and breaks monotony which actually interests many bloggers. You can perfectly pitch your guest post if the content is different from the usual posts and articles. More attention will be received by that one post of yours that many other posts on the blog.

Be passionate about what you do

This is applicable not just to the guest post that you are dealing with right now but to anything that you will ever do in your life. Doing something with passion and without passion is entirely different. When you are doing something with passion then your productivity is 10 times more. You can think better, comprehend better and write better. Your passion and dedication for your work will help you to perfectly pitch your guest post.

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