How to Change Your Website Address on Wix

If you have a website on Wix and want to change the address, also known as the domain name, this article is for you. Changing your website address might be necessary if you want a different name for your site or if you’ve rebranded your business.

Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds! In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to change your website address on Wix. Learn how to change your website address on Wix with this simple guide. Easy steps to update your domain name and maintain your online presence.

How to Change Your Website Address on Wix

Follow the below steps to change the domain address on your Wix Website:

1. Decide Why You Want to Change

Before making any changes, think about why you want to change your website address. Is it because you want a new name that better represents your business? Or maybe you found a domain name that suits you better. Understanding your reasons will help you in the process.

2. Choose a New Website Address

Once you know why you want to change, it’s time to choose a new website address. Think about names that are easy to remember and relate to your business. You can make a list of ideas and pick the one that feels right for you.

3. Check if the New Address is Available

Next, you need to check if the new website address you want is available. Wix has a tool that allows you to search for available domain names. Simply type in your desired name and see if it’s already taken.

4. Buy the New Website Address

If your chosen website address is available, you can purchase it. Wix makes it easy to buy domain names directly through their platform. Just follow the instructions they provide to complete the purchase.

5. Connect the New Address to Your Wix Website

Once you have your new website address, you need to connect it to your Wix website. This ensures that when people type your address into their browsers, they will be directed to your site. Wix provides step-by-step instructions on how to connect your new address.

6. Let People Know About the Change

It’s important to inform your audience about the change in your website address. Update your social media profiles, email signature, and any other places where your website address is listed. This will help your visitors find you at the new address.

7. Keep the Old Address Redirected

To ensure a smooth transition, you should redirect visitors from your old website address to the new one. This way, even if someone still types the old address, they will be automatically sent to your new website. Wix has a feature that allows you to set up the redirection easily.

8. Update Your Website Content

Now that you have changed your website address, it’s important to update the content on your site. Go through each page and make sure the new address is used instead of the old one. Check your contact information, links, and any references to the website address.

9. Take Your Time and Test

After making all the changes, take your time to test your website. Click on links, fill out forms, and navigate through your site to ensure everything is working properly. It’s a good idea to ask a friend or family member to test it too, as they might notice something you missed.


Changing your website address on Wix is a straightforward process if you follow the steps outlined in this guide. Remember to choose a new address that represents your business well, update your content, and inform your audience about the change. Take your time, test everything, and soon your website will be up and running with its new address. Good luck!

FAQs about Changing Your Website Domain Address on Wix

1. Will changing my website address on Wix affect my search engine rankings?

Changing your website address can have an impact on your search engine rankings, at least temporarily. Search engines need some time to recognize and index the new address. However, if you follow the steps in this guide and update your content properly, the impact should be minimal.

2. Can I change my website address on Wix multiple times?

Yes, you can change your website address on Wix more than once if you need to. However, it’s generally recommended to choose a website address you’re happy with and stick with it. Frequent changes can confuse your audience and affect your online presence.

3. What happens to my old website address after I change it on Wix?

After changing your website address, the old address becomes available for someone else to use. However, you can choose to keep the old address connected to your site as a secondary address. This way, if someone still uses the old address, they will be redirected to your new website.

4. Can I transfer my existing website address to Wix?

Yes, you can transfer an existing website address to Wix. If you already have a domain name registered with another provider, you can transfer it to Wix. They have instructions and support to help you with the transfer process.

5. How long does it take for the new website address to work?

After making the changes, it may take a little time for the new website address to work. This is because the changes need to propagate across the internet. Usually, it takes a few hours to a couple of days for the new address to start working everywhere.

6. What if I need help with changing my website address on Wix?

If you need assistance with changing your website address on Wix, you can reach out to their support team. They are there to help you and guide you through the process.


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