Facebook Messenger Vs Whatsapp Messenger Which is better?

After WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook , Facebook have to instant messaging apps at a time. And these are equally popular and are used all over at every location & at every corner of the world which one you should use ?, ever questioned yourself ? No worries , I am here to explain some basic difference and discussions about advantages and disadvantages that is pros and cons about Facebook messenger and WhatsApp Messenger. I will divide the article between the pros and cons of each WhatsApp and Messenger.

As we all know SMS allows you to contact your friends families and colleagues but its expensive, in large numbers. So we needed some free instant messaging services so Facebook launch Messenger and WhatsApp developed by some other people was acquired by Facebook later on after it’s launch . As here both the apps are free ,we can choose any one depending upon our requirements and also asking some simple questions to yourself “What your receiver uses ? “, “What’s easy for your friends to notice?” and excetra. Also there are many other apps which are free and are for instant messages but we will stick to this to as a topic says Messenger versus WhatsApp.

1) WhatsApp Messenger:-

whatsapp messanger
Pros :-

(1) It’s free and easy way to reach any friend colleague or family member it’s instant with a click and your message will be sent.

(2)There is not a finite character limit for sending messages.
(3) You can share photos videos or text to anyone in your contact list your contacts.
(4) WhatsApp will be syncing our contact list so we can know who is using WhatsApp in our contact list. So they can contact you and you can contact them.
(5) There is no region limit on WhatsApp means it’s available to connect to any country any region to any person.
(6) It allows you to call your friends via audio or video call without any charges, you must pay for the data or Wi-Fi connection and then its all free.
(7) it allows you to share stories so you can be present on social media and share your day & your some important memories with pictures and videos which you can post on stories .
(8) Your chats are backed up to your email ID so you can get them back if you uninstall and install the WhatsApp application again due to some reasons.


(1) No special teams are available in WhatsApp app so after sometime of using it feels like outdated.

(2) Internet connection on Wi-Fi connection is necessary , without that your communication is not possible.
(3) To add any person in your WhatsApp inbox , you have to save his or her contact number first then only you will be allowed to add him or her in your WhatsApp inbox .
(4) Call quality is just ok , nothing good about that and also the video quality is not good it becomes blurry & shaky in video call and audio like is most common unfavourable error which you face.
(5) Video sharing is limited to 20 megabytes or it is increased now but not good enough for sharing good quality video.
(6) Images which you share to others are automatically compressed so sometimes it happens with the quality is harm.
(7) In some Middle East countries WhatsApp is banned so the working of WhatsApp in that region is not that good, your messages and calls will go astray sometimes.
(8) After restoring your WhatsApp, some photos and videos go away missing and WhatsApp is improving this day-by-day so you will be protected in near future.

2) Facebook Messenger:-

facebook messanger
Pros :-

(1) It is easy to use and to reach alot of the people as it is under Facebook and it directly connect to it.

(2) This also allows you to call the other users without any charges , that is with the help of data connection.
(3) This also has a feature of games for your time pass and allows you to play games within the app without downloading any other App and also to compete your friends in games.
(4) The story feature allows you to share your day and to your friends and source and you be socially present present through that also have lots of chatbots using artificial intelligence like Ruuh, spokechat , etc. They chat you like human and it’s a very nice time pass on messenger.
(5) You can use this app as your SMS app but charges will be like normal SMS app.
(6) Even after a long time your message and media will be protected and will not be vanished.
(7) Your phone number will not be exposed to any other users or any other Private data will also be under security.

(1) Privacy is not much Under our control, many times the audio is recorded & it is kept by Facebook, as we agreed to the permissions before using the Messenger App.
(2) Messenger App continuously runs in background so it consumes a lot of battery of device and also the RAM consumption is noticeable.
(3) ‎It is being forced to us to use messenger app , if we use Facebook app.
(4) ‎If your phone’s hardware is not good, then the pop-ups received by the upcoming messages will create a lag in your phone.

(5) ‎ These popups also cause a lot of distractions when you are working on something or playing a game.
(6) ‎ The space occupied by it in the storage is really high amount so if you have a limited storage device, you cannot use it efficiently.

So here I mentioned about some pros and cons about Facebook messenger and WhatsApp Messenger so you be the judge and decide for yourself which one is better for you.


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