How to create high conversion oriented WordPress Blog?

This article explains in brief how you can create a WordPress Blog that is highly oriented about converting the visitors into customers quickly. WordPress as a CMS offers lots of features by default but with the power of plugins developed by developers all over the world, its power and capabilities are just boundless.

Before we can make use of WordPress to create a highly conversion oriented WordPress blog, we need to understand in what aspects of conversions does WordPress can help us.

There are many WordPress customize manager API you can use to make your blog perfect for optimization.

Conversion oriented websites usually require such kind of landing pages that can attract the visitors as much as they can. The page should have the use of all the modern web and media elements. Feature like pricing table, attractive sliders, banners, animations, contact forms, quick sale options etc. all should be there on the page.

How to create high conversion oriented WordPress Blog

WordPress makes each and any of these things to be added on the page easily by the use of various free or premium plugins available on the web. Now let’s get started and here’s a quick idea, how you can too create a high conversion oriented blog with WordPress.

Here we are assuming you to be starting with a fresh WordPress installation. After that you need to install and activate all the basic plugins that any of the good and professional WordPress blog would be needed. These plugins include the extensions to the visual editor, page building plugins, basic SEO configuration plugins, image compression, site speed improvement plugins etc.

After that you should be covering all the aspects of the content part. Content is the King. You need to first attract you visitors to anything in which you want them to be converted through textual and visual content. Having a blog, you can publish regular blog posts which may be educational or advisory in nature through which you can recommend them to try your or your affiliated services where you want conversions.

The next thing that you need to keep in mind is a good interlinking system. This is something very important. In most of the conversion oriented WordPress blogs, internal linking of posts is important. Visitors reaches up to your blog as a first time visitor on various posts, looking for some useful content. Within that content, as a recommendation, you can internal link some of your landing pages that leads to direct conversions.

Now, in the end, you need to be all specific about landing page. Additional things that you can do with the WordPress blog to attract more and more visitors to be your customers is making use of things like suggestion of content plugins, pop-ups, feature full and animated banners. These things can easily be added using various ad-rotation and media-advertising plugins. There are many high conversion themes available on purely themes perfect for better results from your blog.

So, this was all about creating highly conversion oriented WordPress Blog. Keep one thing in mind, before you can let your customers reach landing page, build your brand value and let you visitors know more and more about your brand and give them reasons why they should trust on your blog.

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  1. Hi Avnish,
    I agree with you. For any online business, conversion is most needed. A simple equation is no conversions equal to no currency. Higher conversion rates depend on professional, eye-catching design, loading faster, setting contents on a site and so on. So, need favorite WordPress themes for higher conversion rates.


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