Building a Student Portfolio Website with WordPress: Tips and Best Practices

Having a good portfolio website is a must for students who want to continue to learn and develop. The question is how it is possible to use the tool in order to create a good portfolio website. By properly creating a portfolio website, the chances of receiving approval from academic institutions are significantly increased.

Create a Website for a Portfolio From Scratch

Knowing how to create a student portfolio website from scratch is one of the most important skills any advanced student should master these days. The appropriate online tools have become a necessity for each of us; having a good website and being searched is a prerequisite for presenting your skills.


Why Is It Profitable to Make a Website Yourself?

You’ll save money on web developers and designers if you know how to create your own portfolio website. This will also allow you to follow market trends and implement new ideas on your website without the help of a programmer.


Developing a website on WordPress is very economical and will require a minimum of your costs. Having mastered the basic skills, you will be able to create, edit and update your website yourself. In the meantime, it’s worth taking care of review on reddit to save time. When making a choice, it should be clearly understood that the answer to the question is scam is negative.

List of Simple Steps Required to Launch a Website

By following these guidelines step by step, you will end up with a functional and beautiful website filled with your portfolio:

  1. Come up with and register a domain name for your website;
  2. Choose a free theme for your website;
  3. Install several required plugins that will help you customize and optimize your site;
  4. Start creating your pages and filling your website with content.

Step by Step Creating a Portfolio Website

Step 1. Choosing WordPress as a Platform for Your Site

WordPress is one of the top platforms to use when creating a website. It is predisposed to be used through a content management system (or CMS). The idea of a CMS is to provide users with a couple of easy-to-use tools that allow them to edit the content of their site without any in-depth programming knowledge. From a user’s point of view, these CMSs are similar to familiar interfaces on social networks like Facebook or Google Docs. Due to this specificity, new pages or documents are created and then published on the Internet.

Step 2. Selecting a Name for the Site, Renting a Domain and Hosting

When students learn to create their portfolio websites, choosing a domain name is quite an engaging part. This is where complete freedom of action arises. You can literally choose any name for your website. Furthermore, you may check essay editing websites to get new ideas on how to create a good website domain.

Some nuances must be taken into account when choosing the site name:

Firstly, it’s important to know that the Internet is now suffused with a vast number of identical sites. This reality makes the task of choosing a name that truly stands out quite challenging. It’s a smart move to devise a domain name for your site that reflects your unique preferences or incorporates phrases relevant to your business. This way, your domain will be both thematic and meaningful.

Basic Recommendations for Choosing a Domain for a Site

  1. unique, unlike anything else on the market;
  2. easy to pronounce;
  3. the shorter, the easier it is to remember;
  4. thematic and content.

Step 3. Domain Registration

When you have already chosen a domain name, it is time to register it, as well as rent hosting to host your website. Things like purchasing a hosting package may seem daunting at first, but there’s really nothing to worry about. The domain registration process is simplified and does not require any complex technical work.

No website can live without web hosting. This is where your website sits, waiting for visitors to visit. To ensure your website remains a priority, you need to rent server space from a hosting company. Many different companies can register a new domain name for you. Additionally, there are companies that can provide you with an entire hosting package.

Step 4. Installing WordPress on Hosting

Most hosting providers offer automatic installation of popular platforms, including WordPress. The first thing you need to do is log into your provider’s personal account. Go to the “Hosting” section, select your package, and click the “Manage” button.

Meanwhile, WordPress allows users to change site templates, but all content on the site remains the same. This means you can change the look of your site with just one click. Many people around the world use this CMS. Most WordPress themes they develop are free and can be installed directly from your dashboard. It is worth noting that themes do not change your site’s content but its presentation.


Step 6. Installing the Required Plugins

Plugins allow you to customize your WordPress site and increase its efficiency. By adding the necessary functionality, plugins make the site more convenient for visitors.

Here is a short list of plugins that are available to create an original portfolio website:

  1. Wordfence Security – increases the security of your site through WordPress;
  2. UpdraftPlus – automatically creates backup copies of your website;
  3. Optimole – optimizes images;
  4. Autoptimize – optimizes the site code and speeds up its operation;
  5. Contact Form 7 – allows you to add interactive contact forms to your site that your visitors can use to contact you directly; much better than displaying your email as plain text.

Installing WordPress plugins is very easy. If you’re dealing with a free plugin, all you need is its name. Go to your WordPress dashboard, then select “Plugins” and “Add New”. Enter the name of the required plugin in the search field and click “Install and activate.”


Creating a student portfolio website on WordPress is an easy task that anyone can do. All you need is time, effort, and, most importantly, desire! With a little practice, you will be able to easily edit the site, publish interesting materials, and add new sections. By referring to proven tips and recommendations, you will raise your site to the top ranking.

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