Best Free Backlink Checker Tools 2019

If you are a blogger or a digital marketer then I am sure you guys are aware of the importance of backlink.

Especially if I talk about Google to rank sites then it has more than 200+ factor to look on but mainly it focuses on three things only Content, Rank brain and Backlink.

Backlink plays one of the most important factors in the ranking of your site in search engine. As many backlinks you will have on your site, the chances will rise up to rank on search engine.

But before creating backlinks for your site the first step is doing the analysis of your competitor sites to know how many and from where your competitors have been created backlinks for their sites.

Because till you will not be knowing your competitor sites backlink it would be difficult for you in building backlink strategy for your site.

Now the problem is that how you are gonna to analyze the backlinks on your competitor sites because without tools it is not possible and most of the tools are premium means to use those tools you have to spend money on it.

But what if you don’t have money?

Well, today in this article I am going to share some amazing free backlink checker tools which will help you to know the backlinks of your competitor sites.

Let’s begin…

Free Backlink Checker Tools

My main motive of writing this article is providing you a best free backlink tools and so that I am not going to tell you that how you can create backlinks but still if you want to know then you can visit these links profile creation sites, blog commenting sites, article submission sites etc.

Let’s back to topic…

Driving traffic from Google using SEO technique is completely free but nowadays it is not an easy task because of so much competition.

Sometime it may take around more than a year to show up on SERP pages. In short, it’s a long term goal of driving traffic from search engine.

For doing SEO of your site, need a tool because without tools analyzing and monitoring the ranking of your site kindly become a very difficult task.

Although, there are many tools available out there most of them are premium but if somebody doesn’t have money to buy these tools, for them I have come with some amazing free tools which will provide you some free features. Mostly these tools will help you to check your competitor’s backlink only.

Ahref Free Feature

ahrefAhref started allowing users to check their competitor backlinks and ratings for free.

If you don’t know what Ahref is then let me introduce you, Ahref is one of the famous SEO tools which provides you lots of feature which gives you 100% correct analysis of your competitor site and help you in building 100% working SEO strategy of your site.

But everyone is not fortunate to use this too because it is not free, it’s so expensive even it doesn’t give you a trial in free too. To try this tool you have to pay $7.

Small SEO Tool

small seo toolSmall SEO Tool is another backlink checker tool where you have to just put the link of your competitor site and it will give you the long list of sites from where your competitor has created the backlinks.

Along with backlinks, it also tells you the ratings of your competitor sites too.

LXR Marketplace

lxrmarketplaceLXR Marketplace is another tool like small SEO tool where you have to just enter the link of your competitor sites and it will give you the list of site with the section of no-follow and do-follow backlinks.

And once you find the list of your competitor backlink sites, open one by one and create backlink for your site on each site.


buzzsumoAnother tool which I have put in this collection is Buzzsumo. Buzzsumo is one of the topmost SEO tool used for different purpose like analyzing competitors sites, keywords etc.

You just have to enter the keyword or your competitors URL and it will tell you a lot about your competitor like list of sites trying to rank for a particular keyword with their social engagement on different social media platforms.

So, in short, this can be another useful tool for you.


Let’s wrap up…

Tools play a very important role in the digital marketing industry but the issue is most of the tools available on the internet are premium means you can’t use those tools until you buy it.

But if you are a beginner or a student then I don’t think so you would be able to buy these expensive tools and that’s above we I have shared some awesome free tools which will help you to different things about your competitor.

Mainly, the tools have been provided above to analyze backlinks either on your site or your competitor sites.



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