The Best Customer Mythemeshop Review Plugin for WordPress

Are you looking for the best solution for creating a WordPress Review Website? You have landed on the right place where you would get all the details about the top-leading and most used MyThemeShop Review plugin, i.e., WP Review. Yes, you heard it right. If you are not aware of this plugin yet, then you are missing something big. But, don’t fret anymore, as this article would help you know all details about this fantastic review plugin.

Let’s dive into its details.

Supports 19 Types of Snippets

Choose any snippets from the 19 types and review anything you want to, like books, games, movies, products, etc. It is the most attractive feature of the Mythemeshop review plugin. Isn’t it?

A Choice of 16 Pre-made Templates

These ready-to-use templates are user-friendly and compatible with your need. Customize it and use it with ease.

Choice of the Rating System

Mythemeshop review plugin uses WP review, which has a wide option of the rating system. You can choose a circle, number, percentage, star, and even a thumbs-up. Just glide with it!

Welcome Comments from Readers

WP Review has the feature of incorporating readers’ opinions. They can agree and disagree with your review and express their point too. What an amazing way of getting feedback!

Welcome Comments from ReadersCompatible with WordPress Theme

Since the guidelines of WordPress are followed, any WordPress theme is compatible with it. Install any plugin and kick start reviewing. Here Mythemeshop review plugin earns another brownie point.

Integrate Google Reviews

Incorporate Google review in your website and gain more trust of viewers.

Compatibility with Yelp

In Yelp, you will get reviews about businesses. The WP review allows easy import of reviews from Yelp.

Compatibility with YelpIntegrate with Facebook

WordPress, review of Mythemeshop review plugin has wider compatibility. After Google and Yelp, Facebook exhibit similar features. Feeding FB credentials will allow importing data into your website.

Comparison Table

This feature is beneficial for comparing similar products of different brands. Views prefer this type of display while checking for reviews. WP Review allows embedding of such tables, making the Mythemeshop review plugin an ideal site for review.

Popup and Notification

The pop-up and notification bar help to increase the number of viewers on your website. This allows you to promote many other reviews with the exit intent pop up.

Popup and NotificationWooCommerce Integration

E-commerce stores can’t do without reviews. To boost it up, you can customize review forms from WP review instead of using the common one present in Woo Commerce.

Upgraded Options Panel

In WP review, the options panels are very organized, which makes it easy to configure review.

Upgraded Options PanelCompatible with Mobile

Mobile is the ruling electronic device in the modern age. Whatever you incorporate in your site must look perfect on mobile. WP review supports those features too.

Speed Optimisation

Loading of a webpage is a major criterion for attracting viewers. The fine architecture of WP allows smooth loading on any website.

Security of Code

The single security of the website is very vulnerable. Clean, optimized, and secured code safeguards your efforts.

Translation Possible

WP Review is equipped with translation features. You can choose any language and write within your comfort zone.

Developer Friendly

WP is extendable, making it more developer-friendly. Developers enjoy the place of creating templates and apply multiple filters.

Round the Clock Support

WP is backed by a strong technical team that supports your need throughout the day and night.

10 Widgets

WP has a tempting pack of 10 widgets that you can add to your review at the footer, sidebar, or any other compatible space.

10 WidgetsMultisite Support

Be it a single website or a host of sites, WP makes it possible to incorporate reviews because it can support multiple websites at a time.

Customize Image for Rating

Mention earlier that rating in multiple forms is possible in WP. Added to is another feature. You can customize an image for vesting purposes.

Customize Image for RatingText with Stars

Add text with stars for rating. This brings better and clear feedback. New users can understand which star symbolizes what.

Brand New Templates

Use brand new Facebook templates to make the review more trustworthy and aware.

Brand New TemplatesRole Manager Option

WP is enabled with a role manager option that allows you to manage your website and authors.

Attractive Thumbnail

Get more clicks on your content by choosing an impressive thumbnail. These are found in search engines and make your content more competitive.

Attractive Thumbnail Google Product Review Feed

WP Review supports the Google product review feed. Apart from this, it also adds the feed with metadata which are displayed in search results.

After this very long list of features, it is needless to say that the Mythemeshop review plugin will help aspiring customers to find the best products and make a wise decision after checking out the reviews posted impressively.


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