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SEMRush Review – Tutorial to steal competitors traffic Income



Easy to Use


Full competitor analysis of traffic / income generating keywords and backlinks & keyword research by difficulty score also.

Pricing seems to be little high so I think there should be some less cost because we pay it monthly basis so beginner can afford it.

I observed no difficulty on using this tool and easily I found easy to rank money keywords and complete analysis of competitor.

There support system is also good they reply back on decent time but I think there is space to Improve the service.

SEMRush Review Summary - This tool helps in complete competitor analysis and show the main keywords which gives main traffic and income to the website and It shows the how difficult is ranking for particular keyword also. You can do complete SEO check for competitor's and your own website so you can improve your performance.

My Experience - By Using it I found so many easy to rank high CPC keywords which improved my Adsense income magically and earning multiple times income with same efforts after using this amazing tool in few days.

Thousands of new blogs and websites are launching every day and 98% of them closed within 6 month to 1 year time frame and all this happen because the website owners create wrong strategies for internet marketing.

Here we found this tool to make the picture very clear on what to target and how to chase the goal, Friends I would clearly say the making money from the blog or website has never been so much easier.

All those bloggers who want to earn something from Adsense type of best PPC programs and want to get more search engine traffic within very less time and with same efforts then this tool is amazingly miracle for them.

By using this tool you can do complete spy on your competitors main traffic keywords, main income keywords, find low competition keywords with more search volume.

For getting new keyword suggestion for starting a new niche blog or writing another blog post in same blog this tool gives precious ideas for free which worth million dollars value.

After choosing the right keyword and writing content on it you can spy on backlinks and website of competitors so you can do  improvement on your website's on page and off page score for getting better rank as compare to them.

Before describing about them in my semrush tutorial below, first I want to describe more in details about What SEM Rush is exactly and why I am recommending this tool to readers of my blog.

What is SEMRush ?

SEM Rush is among from the most reliable internet marketing tools on the web and thousands of top internet marketers are using it for exploring the websites from its widest database of lacks of domains and millions of URL’s which are country wide also.

With the help of this tool you can find the most traffic generating search terms in different countries, it means if you want to know the how much traffic any website is getting from United states then there is different data for it and If you want to know traffic keywords and traffic CPC value in India then there is another data.

With the help of this tool you can see 29 different Data’s from 27 regions and obviously approximately 17 different languages also so you can make your online marketing strategy different for different regions, so getting the global visitor and client for your website has became very easier.

They have great experience of giving service to the clients from last 7 years and with the big team of 200 employees and 4 different offices they are providing quality services to the clients.

How to use SEM Rush to steal traffic and Income of competitor ?

1 – Check Overview of competitor

Let’s take an example of which is the popular blog in online marketing industry.

As you can see in above screenshot You can see the total keywords which are giving traffic, Total cost of the traffic, and total number of backlinks also in particular country as I have chosen in the US.

Now the 2nd Image below will show you top organic keywords which are giving traffic and know their top competitors also.

For more details you can view full report of top keywords and top competitors in details with their CPC value also.

2 – Check Organic Keywords Details

See Full report of Top keywords with their search volume and their keyword difficulty score also.

As per above screenshot you can check so many details as mentioned below –

  • Top keywords which are giving main traffic and percentage contribution in total traffic.
  • Position or rank of the keyword in particular country.
  • Keyword difficulty (KD) to know how ranking for the keyword is typical, less KD = less competition.
  • Traffic cost from each keyword and this Data is really important for bloggers who earn from Adsense.
  • You can find the main URL’s list which are ranked for the particular keyword so you can do detailed analysis.

3 – Check Top Organic competitors – 

See screenshot below to check your main competitors as you can see in below screenshot.

After finding top competitors, you can do again detailed analysis of each competitor as mentioned in Image 1 and first point overview of competitor.

The main key points which you can check know about your top competitors are mentioned below.

  • You can know the level of competition this website is facing with its competitors.
  • Number of common keywords its competitors are using for the getting traffic.
  • All keywords which are giving search engine traffic to its competitors.
  • Cost of search engine traffic in USD its competitors are getting which is really important for cost management.

4 – Identify Top performing content

As you can see in above screenshot you can identify your top performing content of your own website or competitor’s site and by click on each page again you can know the main keywords which are giving traffic to that particular page.

5 – Backlinks Analysis – 

Now its time to analyse off page seo of competitors and by using the tool you can make your own link building strategy to beat the competitor and for making some advanced plan to your competitor.

As you can see in above screenshot you can find the exact location of the URL from where your or competitors website is getting back links and you can know the anchor text of the back links, number of external and internal links,  the type of the links and when the link is located for the first time so you can judge the how old is the link and how much time you need to wait for getting the good response of your link building work.

Action – Friends I would clearly suggest you to check all the back links of particular URL’s of your top 10 competitors of the first page for your targeted keywords, and try to create back links for your own web page which you are focusing for the same keyword. You can check variety of links also like image links, text links or any other mentions.

If you are unable to get back links from the same web page just like your competitor then try to create back links from same standard sites or web pages in terms of good domain authority and page authority score, Moz Rank, trust flow also.

6 – Website Audit

Now to its time to audit your own website to check is there any technical error or issue and any big on page seo mistake which is preventing you for getting better position in the search engines. See the screenshot below of my blog –

The above image shows that technically my blog has achieved 77 % score which needs to be improved and there is some big and small issues found in my websites overall on page seo performance and If I resolve these issues definitely my blog will get better search ranking and more traffic as compare to current time and you should also check your blog for knowing the errors, warnings and notices also.

7 – Track Keyword position or Ranking – 

Now the tracking of your website position for targeted keywords in different country or region is very easy and at the same time you can track position of your websites for hundreds of targeted keywords in different area from where you want to get traffic.

So the eagle eye is ready if any up and down occurs for the keywords and can immediately take necessary action for again reaching at top ranking. See the example in below screenshot for my blog’s ranking for some keywords.

So now tracking details avaialble with CPC value, current position and search volume for targeted keywords in specific area.

8 – Smart Keyword Research – 

Keyword research is the most advanced feature of this tool and we are proudly mentioning this point in this SEMRush review.

There are two main factors which we like in this tool for doing advanced keyword research are mentioned below:

A – Find Related Keywords – 

Finding so many long tail keywords related to your idea about any keyword and you can find the suggestions of new keyword ideas with keyword difficulty, search volume also.

B – Check Keyword Difficulty score – 

If you have number of keywords in your mind for focusing and to be targeted and want to know which is easy to rank, then this function keyword difficulty score is really good for solving confusion in your mind. See the screen shot below..

As mentioned in above screenshot lower the difficulty means more easy to rank, so I would suggest you to use keyword with high search volume with lower keyword difficulty score.

SEMRush Pricing Plans – 

SEMRush Free Trial – 

Final SEMRush Review

I am giving complete positive outlook to this tool therefore I am also using it regularly and you can also use it. I hope you would like this SEMRush review also and if you have any question or suggestion about this SEMRush review then you can comment below. You can try some other tools after reading this review of SEO powersuite and Long tail pro review with Tutorial, seo interview questions answers also.