5 Types of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2018

It is the time of the year again, Valentine’s Day, where you get the chance to make your beloved feel special. It is the time to express your love to your spouse and do something extraordinary. If you are confused as what to buy for your valentine here are some gift ideas that you can use:

  1. Gift of memories: This type of gift is meant to evoke the beautiful memories and memorable time that you have spent together. Some of the gift ideas that help you gift memories are:
  • Collect some of the photos and use the online services to create a beautiful photo memory book of your life together. If you are little creative you can even create A-Z of your life together that is, for each alphabet look for a word that connect you both and look for a picture that depict that moment or thing.
  • You can fill the room with red balloons and to each string tie a photograph of your beloved and your special moments. This will surely make your spouse feel special and invoke all the memories.
  • Valentine day gifts ideas
  • You can decide to relive your past special memories by visiting the place, restaurant or other places that hold importance in your life.
  1. Gift of time: This type of gift ensures quality time with your spouse as Valentine’s Day gift. Some of the gift ideas that help you gift time are:
  • You can gift the holiday or “day together” to your spouse and promise to spend the day together knowing each other better. You can go out to the beach or hiking or just walk down the greens and talk your heart out.
  • Instead of just gifting the gift card of your spouse favourite store, add an element of time. Just write a personalized note stating that you will like to spend the time cashing this gift card in the evening.
  • You can even gift a letter stating the day and time when you promise to watch her favourite movies back to back at home. Don’t forget to arrange for the popcorns, nachos, and her favourite wine.
  • You can even get the voucher for couple spa and spent some fantastic time while enjoying the spa. It will help you rejuvenate both the body and soul at the same time.
  1. Gift of experience: This type of gift aims to create a fantastic experience, something unique and fun. Some of the gift ideas that help you gift experience are:
  • Pick an extraordinary experience that both of you want to enjoy such as scuba diving, parasailing, paragliding or hot air ballooning and arrange for it. Nothing can beat the excitement of doing things that both of you love.
  • You can gift your spouse an experience of visiting a special place that they like visiting or have been wanting to go for a long time.
  • You can gift the driving experience if your spouse loves thrill. You can look for websites that let you drive cars like V8 Race Car, Wild Buggy Off Roads, Quad Bike adventure, Karting Racing session, etc.
  • These days the virtual reality escape room experience and escape room experience are something that is gaining huge popularity. Live these with your spouse to spend a fun-filled Valentine’s Day.
  • Gift the experience of live Rock N Roll entertainment on the cruise with three-course dinner. The breathtaking harbor views are sure to add to the romantic experience.
  1. 4. Gifts of service: This type of gift aims to gift your beloved something that you don’t normally do. Some of the gift ideas that help you gift service are:
  • Create gift cards of service for your spouse that they can cash-in whenever necessary. Some of the gift service cards that you can create are: grocery shopping, picking kids for classes, doing the laundry, making a four-course meal, etc.
  • Serve your spouse with coffee and breakfast in the bed on Valentine’s Day just to make them feel loved.
  • You can promise to do all the house errands and let her enjoy the Valentine Day at the spa or her favourite salon pampering her.
  1. Gifts of knowledge: This type of gift aims to gift your beloved that will add to their knowledge. Some of the gift ideas that help you gift knowledge are:
  • Pick an activity or class such as music, dance, cinema and theatre, and creatives that your spouse has been interested in for a long time. Enrol him or her and present the gift certificate for that activity to your spouse.
  • If you don’t have a budget to purchase gift for your lover or friend then you can go for the option for promotional products available as free sample in India to test their quality and this may be opportunity for you.
  • You can also help your spouse go for further studies or enrol them in some online course that will help them grow in their career. Don’t forget to add the note that while they will be busy with the class you will help them run house errands.

Now that you have decided what type of Valentine’s Day gift you want to gift your spouse, it is best to look out for it well in advance to ensure that you don’t goof up at the last moment. You can look for good gift ideas and options at Red Balloon as it offers huge discounts.

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