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Why Thrive Ultimatum is best countdown timer plugin for WordPress


Are you looking for the best countdown timer plugin for WordPress to improve conversion rate of your blog.

Do you want to cash the power of scarcity marketing by adding countdown timer on your blog?

Then we are sharing name of Thrive Ultimatum which is most powerful scarcity marketing plugin I have ever seen.

Because of its most powerful features bloggers became able to generate multiple times cash through their blog.

Not only blogger but every second affiliate marketer is also recommending Thrive Ultimatum to show recent discount offers and Limited deals.

Friends, By Using this plugin you can generate more affiliate sales with same amount of traffic on your blog because it is able to grab attention of the visitor and can convert him into buyer of your promoted affiliate product through your website.

Not only limited to blogs but WordPress based E-commerce portals also can get benefit of this great scarcity marketing tool.

There is perfect tutorial which you can watch in this video below to learn how to Add countdown timer ribbon to your whole website. Just watch the video below

Remember One Thing

“Your way of representing your affiliate deals is the most important factor which can lead you to high conversion rate”.

Thrive Ultimatum makes your more capable to show all deals and offers at your whole website wonderfully or at some specific category or post also which makes you more empower for getting higher conversion rate.

Now let’s talk about some great features of Thrive Ultimatum plugin and what advantages we can get from it by using.


Thrive Ultimatum Features –


Easy Date Fix Opportunity

By using this Awesome plugin you can easily fix dates from when to till when you need to run and end your campaigns, so now it is in your hand how to automatically start or end campaign, no need to manually pause or remember the end dates.

Automatic Manage Campaigns

It is the most advanced feature of this tool which no one other plugin offering and this thing makes it leader in the segment. You can automatically start, end and restart your campaign on weekly and monthly basis and no other best countdown timer plugin for WordPress offering this facility.

Widget Ready

Not only for Ribbon section but in the widget side also you can run countdown timers with the offer so you can generate better conversion rate in terms of affiliate sales or product promotions for your E-commerce business.

Choose Your Place to show offer

It is the most advanced function of this tool and this gives us the power of selecting the location like on which post, category, page section we can show the right offer. Friends showing the true offer on related posts or pages or other section of websites makes us more eligible for shooting up sales overnight.

Unlimited Campaigns

The beauty of this plugin you can create and run unlimited campaigns on same time which makes your more powerful to promote multiple products and showing different offers on many locations on same time which no other one if offering.

Floating Footer and Header bar

Not only on the header section but you can show your offers on footer section also, so when your visitor will scroll down your web pages he will get noticed immediately about the offers which you are promoting.

Design can be custom

You can add text, images and change colours very easily in the timer and this gives you facility for getting custom designs. We can use colour of our choice and can add related images to the offers or content of our website.

Times Zones

This plugin supports time zones according to different geographic locations and you can choose according to your targeted country or geographic point.

Stylish Templates

Already inbuilt templates are the power of this tool which gives them more options to choose designs which will improve look and feel and saves cost for template designing.

Fully Mobile Responsive

These countdown timers can work on desktops and mobile phones as well which is demand of the current time and can perform very well on any type of hand device also. Visitor from any location can get easy access to these count down timers and go on your sales pages, or landing pages or coming soon pages with their dynamically link redirect facility.


Best countdown timer plugin for WordPress


Who can get Benefit of this Tool?


Product Creator

Anyone who create product to sell online related to any field can get benefit of this plugin, They can create buzz before product launching, during any sales offers and any special features adding time, giving free sample products also.

E-commerce portal owner

This Thrive ultimatum is just like blessing of god for E-commerce website owners and they can get huge benefit of this tool at the time of running discount sale or their niche portal, or for introducing any special service or price range on their products.

Affiliate Marketer and Blogger

All the bloggers and affiliate marketers can boost affiliate income overnight by grab special attention of their visitor and they can get multiple affiliate sales on same amount of traffic also. We have personally tested this plugin and found very good results by using it.

Final Conclusion

For all serious online business owners either they are affiliate marketer, or blogger or E-commerce store owner, this thrive ultimatum plugin is best countdown timer plugin for WordPress and they can get multiple times sales just by using it. Because this tool gives too much empowerment to them for doing new experiments with their sales promotion and no other plugin in the market is providing such facility to make custom showcase offer for their products. Thanks.

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